Gay Twinks & Their Dinks.

3989 Nathan and Drew

There is chemistry from the start with Nathan Raider and Drew Dixon. Apparently, they saw each other naked before the shoot; and, Nathan was especially anxious to get Drew out of his clothes before the interview was over. They slowly strip each other out of their clothes; admiring each other’s hot, toned bodies. Their kisses are deep and very passionate. Nathan pulls down his pants and underwear. His cock is ready for some attention so, Drew drops to the floor and begins servicing Nathan’s rock-hard piece of meat. They both go at each other’s cocks like they have not eaten in days; swallowing each other until they almost gag. Nathan spins Drew around, bends him over the table and buries his face and tongue deep into Drew’s asshole. With Drew’s hole primed, Nathan stands and wastes no time burying his cock deep in Drew’s ass. Nathan pounds Drew’s hole the entire time, never letting up one second. Drew grabs his cock while Nathan is still pounding away and in no time, is squirting his love juice all over his tight, hot abs. Nathan pulls out and jerks a load that sprays all over Drew’s face and chest. Definitely one hot scene as Drew drops to the floor licking Nathan’s cock clean of his jizz.
Duration: 07:37

3991 Luke and Jamie

Muscle stud Luke Ward came down the stairs to find Jamie Oliver making them some tea; but, when Jamie saw Luke’s muscles bulging from his shirt Jamie decides he needs a little extra cream for his tea. Luke rips off his shirt and Jamie drops to his knees pulling Luke’s pants down at the same time. Luke’s cock is already raging and Jamie wastes no time sucking the entire length of it down his hungry throat. After some hot mutual cock sucking, Luke spins Jamie around on the bed, bends him over and slowly pushes his thick dick into Jamie’s eager hole. Luke pounds away mercilessly at Jamie’s ass; working their way all over the bed. Luke shoves a pillow under Jamie’s back, pushes his legs back and fills his ass again with his thick, uncut cock. Jamie grabs his cock; pleasuring himself while Luke continues to fuck his hole. Jamie can’t hold it back any longer and lets loose a load of creamy cum onto his tummy. Luke surprises us all and shoots the thickest load of jizz all over Jamie’s stomach and chest.
Duration: 05:59

3988 Jamie Oliver

We join Jamie Oliver; all alone in the gym and feeling quite frisky. He spies himself in the mirror and since nobody’s there he gives us a few sexy poses. Lifting up his shirt exposes his tight abs and he slides one hand down his pants. The more he rubs the more his bulge grows and demands some attention. Jamie quickly strips off his pants and underwear; his cock standing at full attention and ready for action. Laying back on the workout mat Jamie gets to working his biceps as he jerks his cock. He pulls his legs back; spreading his asshole wide for the camera. Jamie makes his rounds of the gym leaving his mark on just about every piece of equipment. With juices pumping just as hard as his hand, Jamie squirts his load onto those sweet, well-defined abs of his.
Duration: 05:26

3990 Miguel Alves

Miquel Alves stopped by after being on vacation in Greece for the summer. His body is all tanned and lean from the exercise program he’s been working. It’s been about six months since we’ve seen him and his thick black hair is now quite a bit longer. He’s been anxious to get on camera and show off his hidden assets so, we figure this was as good a time as any. Miguel quickly strips off his shirt. His chest and arms show definition that only comes from working out. As he sits back on the sofa and pulls off his shorts, his huge, thick, uncut cock plops out and is ready for some stroking. He pumps up his cock in no time flat; his big balls hanging low and full. Miquel works his cock for the camera, sometimes lifting his legs back so we can get a nice closeup of that sweet, tight asshole. As the intensity of Miquel’s stroking increases his body tightens and breathing becomes faster. His balls tighten up and with a whole-body thrust Miquel shoots streams of jizz all over his chest and stomach.
Duration: 05:52

3983 Randall White

Hunky Randall White went back to the locker room for something; but, the aroma of all the hot men that had recently been in the room completely aroused him. Randall sits back on the bench, closes his eyes and starts rubbing his crotch thru his jeans while fantasizing about what he would like to do with a few of those hot, young studs. Things heat up quickly for Randall as he pulls off his shirt; now showing off his incredibly built torso and arms. He pushes his jeans down and pulls his thick uncut cock from his underwear and goes about pleasuring himself. Randall spies one of his teammate’s socks. He grabs it and begins rubbing it all over his cock. His dick gets harder the more he plays with the sock; but, he knows his teammates are coming back soon and he is ready to blow. He drops the sock, tightens the grip on his cock and beats it even more intently. His balls quickly tighten and as he leans forward on the bench Randall shoots a thick load of cum all over the locker room floor.
Duration: 05:34

Brandon Wilde

It’s a beautiful sunny day and Brandon Wilde finds him self alone at home with a throbbing boner. He rubs and caresses himself on the bed, grinding his hard dick into the mattress. Pulsating and hard, he strokes his big cock till he shoots his sweet boy load all over himself.
Duration: 02:00

3987 Youri Chevalier

Youri Chevalier considers his best asset to be his thighs. As a matter of fact, his quote was â

3986 James and Greg

Greg Noll was anxiously waiting for his beefy friend James Huck to arrive. They had not seen each other in a while and both were very horny. The moment James walks in our two young studs head straight for the bead where they start stripping each other out of their clothes as they bury each other’s tongues deep in each other’s mouths. Greg is the first one out of his clothes. His cock is standing straight up and James drops down; swallowing up every inch of Greg’s thick piece of uncut meat. James spins around in the bed and Greg moves to give James’ cock some oral loving before he drives his cock straight up James’ tight asshole. Greg wastes no time and begins pounding James mercilessly; but, James wants to ride this pony. Greg lies down and James mounts Greg’s cock. He slides down slowly at first; but, then begins feverishly bouncing up and down as he feels Greg’s dick rubbing his prostate. James rolls over on the bed and Greg slides in from the rear; pushing his cock back into James’ hole. As the pounding continues Greg is the first one who can’t hold it any longer. He pulls out and squirts a thick load of jizz all over James’ balls and cock. Greg’s love juice coating his nuts puts James over the edge and he unloads his cock of all of its thick, creamy cum.
Duration: 06:00

3984 Johannes and Youri

Johannes Lars heats things up with Youri Chevalier. Johannes pulls Youri up from the sofa and after they rip each other’s shirts off Johannes drops to his knees. Freeing Youri’s cock from the confines of his underwear; Johannes swallows every single rock-hard inch. Obviously stimulated; Youri moves Johannes to the sofa where he helps pull down Johannes’ jeans. His thick, uncut cock jumps to attention and Youri moves in; working Johannes’ cock like he was cock-starved. Spinning around on the sofa Johannes bends over; sticking his ass in Youri’s face. Youri dives in, plowing his tongue as far up Johannes’ hole as he could push it. After a good ass-priming Youri stands up and slowly pushes his thick piece of meat deep into Johannes’ eager hole. These two studs go between Youri pounding away mercilessly at Johannes’ hole to Johannes passionately grinding hard and deep on Youri’s cock. Johannes continues with his ass stretching; riding Youri’s thick dick before winding up legs spread wide on the floor. He grabs his cock, stroking it with the ass fucking rhythm of Youri’s cock currently stimulating his prostate. Johannes can’t hold it any longer and his cock starts spitting jizz all over the rug, down his tummy and even onto his leg. All that cum sends Youri over the edge. He pulls out and almost immediately covers Johannes’ balls, cock and stomach with a thick coating of his love juice.
Duration: 07:13

3982 Johannes Lars

24-year-old Johannes Lars takes a break from college and dancing to visit the Badpuppy studio for a little one-on-one wank party. Johannes tells us that heâ