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Max Flint and Paul Canon

Paul Canon is back! And Max Flint is with him. How can you not be excited about that? Max describes what he’s been doing recently. Some of his time has been spent at Bonnaroo. Who knew such a funky event could be found in Manchester, Tennessee? Paul continues to make travelingto our studios exciting. For his first ever vid, there were car issues. Today, it was a number of flubbed connections. “Missed one bus,” Paul describes. “Then missed another bus. Then a train. And then I somehow weaseled my way over here.”

You will appreciate his effort because today Paul is set to do something he’s not done before: suck a dude’s dick. Who wouldn’t want to practicewith Max? The two lose everything, except their boxers. As the pro, it will be Max starting out with some pole loving. Hefeels his scene partner up, and soon enough a tent pops up in Paul’s boxers. “I like your boxers,” Max says.

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Alex, Blair, Dillon & Kameron – There’s Only One Way Out of This Box…

Alex, Blair and Kameron put Dillon in a gloryhole box with only one way out!
Duration: 02:33

Boykakke – Piss and Cum Shower

Gay Asian Porn Photos

Paula’s here today on to do a sexy show for us. We’ve already had the privilege of seeing him get fucked by a sweet twink. But today, he’s here to use toys as his main “tool” in getting off. In this video “Piss and Cum Shower,” Paula is taking his abilities to an extreme level. Bring a towel, this one gets a little greasy and messy, just the way an Asian twink boy should be.

Paula starts to work on himself, rubbing his nice sized dick through his underwear, but it’s not long before an assistant comes in to grease Paula up and down, way down. Both boys seem to enjoy the tactual aspects of oil, especially used around the anal area. Paula continues to rub his front, as he is eaten out by the assistant. Spreading his cheeks wide, we get to see Paula’s sweet twink hole.

Being fingered and sucked, anally, the assistant begins to use a dildo on Paula. As Paula moans and pants, the toy is pumped in and out. Watching his facial expressions, Paula looks like a boy in love, with a “purple monster;” his dangling dick is not to be missed. Paula then sits down for a nice shower, golden style. This has got him hot and us too, so he strokes himself.

I think Paula loves to be filmed; he can’t keep his eyes off the cameraman as he jerks and grins. Working his dick, as well as his nipples, Paula is getting close and starts to finger himself for release. Pumping his throbbing member, Paula unloads on his stomach and groin, and then tastes the cream for sweetness. This model really knows how to work his dick, and us. He is a great performer who gets off on getting us off, thank you Paula.

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Gay Asian Porn Kings

Asian Twinks in ‘Foot Loving Gay Sex’

These hot gay Asian twinks are in a sexual, playful mood. They slowly remove their shoes and socks, kiss their way up to each others feet, massage their cocks with each others shoe, bump and grind their cocks against each other, coat their brown young bodies in coconut oil and then start sucking toes. Its an erotic foot fantasy cum true, with the gay foot play only just beginning…
Duration: 03:00

Braden, Jesse, Nevin & Nick – The Glory Hole Box is Back!

The glory hole box is back! This time frat-twinks Nick Angels, Braden Fox and Jesse Jacobs have trapped an unsuspecting Nevin Scott inside, and as we all know, there’s only ONE way out of the glory hole box!
Duration: 02:33

Chain Fucking Threesome – Boy Crush

Cut Damien Lefebvre is joined by two horny boys for a hardcore butt slamming three way that will most definitely leave your balls empty! The versatile boy has both Conner Bradly and Jayson Steel to play with in this horny scene, sucking them both off before getting his dick licked and then bending over to get a spit roasting too! Jayson fucks his butt good and hard, then it’s time for Connor to get his boner in there, while getting fucked by Jayson too! It goes without saying there’s a lot of jizz flying by the end of this one!

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Patrick & Sean

Patrick Dunn and Sean Zevran were so hot for each other they could hardly wait to begin filming this hardcore scene. Sean loves the look of that smooth chest with those delicious silver dollar nipples he has. And Sean has really worked his body into a piece of art. The exquisite cut of his musculature gives Patrick a total boner. The way these two passionately kiss, you can tell this was something both had been waiting for. Patrick really goes down on the rock hard cock that Sean has waiting for him and Sean is more than happy to return the favor. But as much as he loves sucking cock, Sean could not wait to get his face buried in his hot ass. After a thorough tongue massage Patrick felt an aching need rise and was more than ready for Sean to pound his hole. And when Patrick shot his load so far it splashed him in the head, you realize it was a pounding he’ll remember for a very long time.
Featuring: ; Patrick Dunne , ; Sean Zevran

fucking him the right way

fucking him the right way

fucking him the right way

fucking him the right way

Brandon Beal and Denver Grand

Has anyone noticed when Denver Grand is around, he has some crazed story to share? In his last scene, he told a pee tale (the urine wasn’t his). Apparently the night before this scene was shot, he and a BSB newbie (inquiring minds what to know!) were out for some fun. The cameraman wonders if Mr. Grand could tell if unnamed newbie would return for some man-on-man action. “That’s not a conversation topic of two guys, out on the prowl, at bars,” Denver says. Brandon Beal’s response to the image of a “silent” Denver is priceless. “The way you talk,” Brandon says with a chuckle.

“Because I don’t pretendI don’t have sex with men,” Denver replies. “Sorry. I’m legit with it. I have had sex with a man.” “Nooooo. Really,” Brandon asks in mock horror. Denver then offers what should be printed on all BSB material. “Sometimes it has to be done. Somebody has to do it. Somebody has to dig a hole. Somebody has to suck a dick.” Brandon, and the cameraman, find humor inthis philosophical perspective. However, too much theorizing keeps the booty away. While listening to Brandon and Denver talk is sexy, in a nerdy way, it’s time for them to suck a dick. :-)

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