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Broke Straight Boys – Adam Baer and Carter Blane

If you like introductory conversation, youll hate todays update. When the vid starts, Adam Baer and Carter Blane are kissing. The smooching is tentative, first time for Adam, but some tongue is shared.
Duration: 02:30

Broke Straight Boys – Blake Bennet, Ty and Denver Grand

Three hotties; Blake, Ty and Denver are going to be indulging in some sweaty action together. Getting into things right away, it was time to start getting naked, all three of them putting a little ‘sexy’ into the way they stripped off the t-shirts and joking about having a wet t-shirt competition.
Duration: 02:30

Creamy Foot

Ce and Ball are back for another wild and crazy time. This time Ce brings his cup of yogurt and rubs it all over Ball’s feet and body and proceeds to lick it off. The two get all stoke up and end the scene with mutual orgasms for desert.
Duration: 03:00

Braden, Jesse, Nevin & Nick – The Glory Hole Box is Back!

The glory hole box is back! This time frat-twinks Nick Angels, Braden Fox and Jesse Jacobs have trapped an unsuspecting Nevin Scott inside, and as we all know, there’s only ONE way out of the glory hole box!
Duration: 02:33

Sex cam model AmazingMuscular loves to have a good time.

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College Boy Physicals – Travis

Once Travis was done shooting his hot pent up load I figured it was time for him to repay the favor. I had him lean over the examination table and then began to insert my dick into his mouth.
Duration: 02:30

Broke Straight Boys – Dexter Graf and Adam Baer

Look who’s back. Dexter Graf! He did a solo for us awhile back and has returned for another round. Like last time, Dexter is here for truck cash.
Duration: 05:00

BoyGusher – Micah and Travis

In this update we have Micah & Travis in the studio with us. These guys didn't waste much time as soon as they hit the bed they began to kiss and work on stripping each other naked.
Duration: 02:30

Broke Straight Boys – Duncan Tyler and Trent Jackson

Duncan Tyler is paired with Trent Jackson. This will be Trent’s first time with a guy. Our diminutive newbie looks like he can be an extra in the "Lord of the Rings."
Duration: 02:30

Diego, Jake & Jordan

Sometimes you just cannot help yourself. You are working out in the gym, getting all hot and sweaty, when two gorgeous studs walk in. The next thing you know you are right in the middle of a steamy athletic threeway. Diego Sans, Jake Andrews and Jordan Levine were trying to get a workout in when the smell of sweat and the sexual energy proved to be too much for them. Pretty soon they were all over each other. And if you think you are in for one guy getting banged the whole time by the other two you are in for a surprise. These guys were all about getting whatever pleasure they were feeling in the moment. If it meant swallowing the cock in front of them, rimming a hot ass, or fucking the first guy they saw then they were all over it. And I hope the gym attendant who came to clean up afterwards brought a mop because there were cum loads everywhere.
Featuring: ; Diego Sans , ; Jake Andrews , ; Jordan Levine