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Boy Gusher – Damien and Michael

Damien and Michael on

In this update we find sleeping hottie Damian fast asleep as his friend Michael comes to check up on him. With a hottie with a body like that it is hard to keep your hands to yourself, and Michael thinks why should I as his hand creeps down into those undies to touch and stroke that hot sleeping dick. Michael doesn’t waste time working and stroking on Damien’s dick until he is rock solid. He then takes that throbbing dick and pulls it out of his undies to stuff deep into his mouth. If Michael is awake at this moment he isn’t saying a word he is lying there enjoying everything that Michael is doing for him and his dick.

Michael jacks off Damien's cock.


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Boykakke – Policeman Solo

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Jack’s here today in uniform to get the job done. All he needs now is your attention and his “baton.” In this video, Jack uses the “tools of the trade,” to get himself off; “cum” along for the ride, he may need back-up.

Jack has a nice hairy chest, unique to most Asian guys. Check out his bushy underarms as well. As he strips and fondles, his nipples pop up like a “Tom Turkey Timer;” I think this boy is ready to be eaten. Using his baton, he massages his fine body then loses the pants. He has some sexy black underwear on and rubs his dick through the material. As the camera pans down, Jack definitely has a package large enough for two. Ah, what’s this, a nice happy trail leading down to his equipment, sweet. Now if you’re counting, Jack suddenly has three hands working him; no fear, sometimes a “solo” becomes a “friendly solo.” Hell, if I were there, I’d be licking from top to taint.

Having a “helping hand,” makes Jack a happy boy, quickly. The camera pulls out just enough for a “helper” to help himself; no, unfortunately, it’s not me. As the “assistant” licks and sucks on Jack, both seem very happy with the arrangement. “Unfolding” Jack’s dick, the “masked marvel” engulfs all of Jack, relishing his position. When Jack lies back on the ottoman, the “partner’s “mouth follows.

Damn, I like that “snake-tongue” action; this “mouth” really likes to smell and taste what he is eating. The assistant then savor of Jack’s hole; what a heavenly hairy hole. Jack seems to be up for the stimulating penetration as he is fingered. Seems that Jack likes to be prepared for “collaborations,” as he has packed an extra “tool” in his bag for today. As the two “team up,” catch the gasps of approval when the purple anal toy is worked in. Pumping and spanking, this is one authority figure who doesn’t mind being shown the rules.

Jack continues to moan and squirm, biting his baton. The assistant pulls out the toy to get a good look at the cavity. Both then jerk to orgasm; the helper works Jack’s nips until Jack’s own “baton” releases. The helper is next; nice dick. About to shoot, Jack’s face becomes the target as a glob of cream lands right on the kisser. No worries, the cream is then worked in by the two, orally.

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Jarrett & Josh

Josh Conners and Jarrett Rex were all over each other from the second they met. Jarrett loves sex and when saw how much muscle Josh had packed on in the last few months he could not get over it. Josh always fell closer to our Twink side of the spectrum but he is definitely following in the footsteps of Brett Swanson in working towards becoming a gym loving muscular hunk. He showed up and slipped out of his clothes causing Jarrett to pop an immediate boner. He eagerly sucked his cock and then gave his hot ass a nice deep rimming. Then he started fucking that ass that Josh has been doing all those squats to perfect. Josh loves getting fucked and with Jarrett shoving his huge cock up his hungry hole he couldn\’t be happier. He even shot a huge load with that cock buried deep inside him. And as an extra special treat Jarrett even unloaded his jizz right into his mouth, doing his patented move of squeezing the head of his cock so his orgasm was all the more intensified. Meanwhile, Josh did not need any more intensity with Jarrett blowing his load in his mouth. He even sucked it clean when he was done.
Featuring: ; Jarrett Rex , ; Josh Conners

Bee Poses Sexily Showing Off His Asian Boy Feet

Come behind the shooting of some gay Asian feet porn to meet Bee and his feet. Bee has a cute boyish face, slender build and tanned skin. In this clip he strives to please you with poses during a shoot with his feet. He’s flexible enough to feed his toes into his own mouth. And, his long slender feet flopped out on the floor with his Asian sausage cock contrasted against them looks damn sexy.
Duration: 03:00

First Time Boy on Boy

Straight boy Matt was in for the most degrading experience of his life as Kieron has him tied up and stretched out, unable to resist as another mans tongue is forced into his mouth. Kieron works over Matts body, switching back and forth between the wax and ice to keep his boy on his toes. Matt is forced to spit and drool over his own dick before Kieron makes him blow his load, then keep going.

College Boy Physicals – Travis

Once Travis was done shooting his hot pent up load I figured it was time for him to repay the favor. I had him lean over the examination table and then began to insert my dick into his mouth.
Duration: 02:30

College Boys 4 Jonny And Seth

College Boys 4 Jonny And Seth
This was shot at the end of the year and Seth needed some extra cash for the holidays. He was willing to do just about anything, and Jonny couldn’t wait to help out. Seth starts sucking Jonny’s cock and then has Jonny lay back and spread his legs. Seth went to work on Jonny’s hairy hole with his tongue while Jonny squirmed in ecstasy. After eating Jonny’s ass and sucking on his cock and balls, Seth laid back ready to have his own boy pussy worked over by Jonny’s big cock. Jonny then proceeds to pound Seth’s ass in all sorts of positions…on his back, doggie, bent over the side of the bed. Jonny really tore up that hot hole. After a good fucking, Jonny stood up and blew a big load in Seth’s open mouth. Seth gobbled it up like a slut. Finally Seth laid back and jerked off a hot load of jizz all over himself. This was a very hot video to shoot.
Director: Steve Myer

give him mouth to mouth

give him mouth to mouth

Bend Over and Take It

Aaron Aurora never looks as good as he does when he’s bound with streams of hot wax running down his fit body. Lincoln takes so much pleasure from pounding Aarons smooth ass before coming around and forcing his throbbing dick down his boys throat. Aarons mouth feels too good as Lincoln is forced to blow his load right into Aarons mouth and watch as it drips from his boys lips.

Cum Guzzlers

Video: Cum Guzzlers
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You’ll be ready to add your load to the sperm count after you watch over 460 messy cumshots! There is over 3 hours of satisfying ass and mouth pumping action! Watch more than 400 cum-loving men get soaked in hot, creamy wads of man juice and join in as they lick, swallow and play with their heavy loads. Sperm-cravers get their hungry mouths filled with warm, thick cum and eager bottoms get fucked to creamy explosions. Open up and get ready for massive eruptions and cum guzzling!