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27 / Man seeking a Man 22 – 40
Rating : 7.83
Born : 1985-04-16
Location : Vancouver, CA
About pumpyouup: A big softy at heart… I just look hard on the outside LOL


25 / Man seeking a Man 25 – 45
Rating : 8.06
Born : 1987-05-15
Location : Ottawa, CA
About ottawaroughride: When I grow up, I want to be a cowboy LOL

Makeout Point

Los Angeles, Oct. 31st. Tragedy struck this Halloween evening when a dead body was found in the Hollywood Hills at a location the locals call Makeout Point. An eye witness saw the grizzly scene unfold and gave his account to our on the spot reporter. It seems a rather attractive young gay couple had pulled off the side of the road for some good old fashioned ass fucking. It started off innocently enough with Jordan Levine taking every last inch of cock down this throat from the incredibly hot Ian Parker. Ian reciprocated by rimming his sweet ass and getting Jordan quite horned up. The eyewitness claims he saw Jordan give Ian the ass fucking of his life, ramming his hot horny hole with such fervor that the sound his thighs and balls slapping against that bubble butt could be heard echoing across the hills. Then the witness reported that an unidentified man bearing a striking resemblance to porn star Cameron Marshall was also seen jerking his hard throbbing cock in the bushes nearby. He was not sure if the couple knew he was there but he gave an impressive performance shooting a nice hearty load. What happened next was so horrifying that the witness said he would never forget it. Once everyone had cum the stranger in the bushes suddenly pulled out a knife and brutally stabbed one of the men. A chase ensued and the witness ran to get help because, as he reported, the signal in the hills is crap. What happened here tonight, we may never know.

Le Voyeur

Video: Le Voyeur
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Studio: French Connection
New York in the eighties was a gay paradise, from the posh skyscrapers to the waterfront to marvelous Greenwich Village; the city that never sleeps was the place where men were free to seek out the favors and companionship of other men who came to these shores from around the world. Venture back with us to that wonderful time when even the movies were very special, as evidenced by these five delightful and astonishingly erotic full-length feature motion pictures, shot on location.

There’s a voyeur out there. He’s lurking in the shadows and getting an eye full of some of the incredible sexual adventures ever seen. Everywhere he looks, there’s a new encounter. What does he have planned for his targets? Don’t miss this captivating voyeuristic fantasy!

Stars: BJ Bare, Pat Johnson, Roberto Castro, John Kovacs, Pete Connors, Daniel Holt, Christopher Rage, George Payne


21 / Man seeking a Man 18 – 35
Rating : 7.83
Born : 1991-03-04
Location : Edmonton, CA
About tattoodude: I don't care what people think of me and this has gotten me into trouble.


31 / Man seeking a Man 30 – 46
Rating : 7.79
Born : 1981-01-13
Location : Edmonton, CA
About laidbackguy: Let's meet for a beer and see if we hit it off


19 / Man seeking a Man 18 – 35
Rating : 7.95
Born : 1993-01-30
Location : Vancouver, CA
About want2learn: A little unsure about being on here, but I'm curious to check out what's going on


29 / Man seeking a Man 20 – 40
Rating : 8.17
Born : 1983-03-01
Location : Montreal, CA
About buffnruff: Am in a serious relationship but I need something more. need to be discreet.


33 / Man seeking a Man 18 – 37
Rating : 9.42
Born : 1979-01-01
Location : Toronto, On
About friendulum: friendulum is 33 and is seeking a man between 18 and 37 years old.


25 / Man seeking a Man 22 – 40
Rating : 7.72
Born : 1987-01-17
Location : Edmonton, CA
About joeblow25: Just your average Joe, nothing too exciting. I am trying to get into better shape and am working out with a personal trainer.