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Showguys 501: Tim And Danny Parker

Showguys 501: Tim And Danny Parker
Super sexy Danny Parker is back in South Florida, and here he is paired up with super sexy Tim. Tim is in his undershorts, and Danny is stark naked and hard. After kissing and feeling each other up, Tim takes off his shorts, and Danny immediately swallows his exposed cock. They reverse positions, and Tim sucks Danny s huge, hard dick. Danny s moans of pleasure fill the room. Tim lies on his back, Danny stands up, and fucks his face. The guys sixty-nine, then Danny licks Tims balls. Danny is a super deep-throater, and Tim vastly enjoys his talents. They get on their knees and show off their huge cocks and beautiful bodies. Tim pulls Danny up on his shoulders, and sticks his tongue into the hot hole. Tim puts a condom on a very large dildo, Danny gets on his hands and knees, and Tim fucks Danny with the monster toy, shoving it all the way in. But now Tim puts a condom on his own huge piece, and fucks Danny doggie- style. Danny loves getting plowed, and shoves back and forward on Tim s cock. Danny puts his ass in the air, and Tim fucks him from above. Next Danny sits on Tim facing the camera, and we get a great frog, Tim shoving up into Danny while playing with his dick. They roll into the spoon, then go back to the frog. Tim brings his head toward the camera, and Danny fucks himself in a reverse frog. Finally Danny gets on his back, and Tim plows him in the missionary position. And soon Danny spurts a gusher of cum all over himself. Tim rips off his condom and jerks off. And soon he explodes in his own exciting orgasm. Two oversexed young studs get on their knees, kiss one last time, and wave goodbye.
Studio: ShowGuys
Director: Sam Linnell

Addison Graham

Addison Graham stands beside the warm reflecting water with his perfectly chiseled muscles, looking like a poolside sculpture meant to bring beauty and ambience to the surroundings. He looks at you with his handsome face and leads your eyes down his smooth torso, running his fingers down the intricate grooves of his hard pecs and six pack abs. He lets his hands rustle in his well manicured yet not overly buzzed pubes for just a moment before grabbing his long slender delicious cock and lovingly stroking it. It has a big mushroom head and a long narrow shaft and you can see the look of sheer ecstasy on his face as he runs his hands up and down it. He then gives you an excellent view of his butt, teasing his hole with his finger and working it inside, dreaming of a big fat cock filling it. But that comes later. For now he is showing you his exquisite body. And when he shoots his load it really is something to see. He focuses all his energy on the mushroom shaped head of his cock and rather than letting loose with a loud flurry of spunk he rather lets a steady stream of jizz flow from the head and elegantly spill into a puddle on his flat tummy.
Featuring: ; Addison Graham

Bareback Pool Party

Though for much of the world the thought of summer fun is but a memory, there are those that continue to enjoy the warmth of the sun on their flesh and the refreshing, sparkling waters of a dip in the pool after baking for a while under hot rays. Timothy Nixon, Zac Powers, and Joe Parkes are three of the lucky twinks from Sweet&Raw getting to do just that. But the trouble with all that sun and splashing and horsing around in a pool, is the unbelievably powerful lust that takes over. Especially when you’re playing naked! With plenty of cock to go around, the three bareback friends go off into a corner and start making out. The sexy young men are cute, hung, and have a voracious sexual appetite.

Joe ends up kneeling before the other two, taking turns sucking on one, then the other. Then Tim tries to stuff his face with BOTH huge pieces of thick, uncut twink meat. Zac gets in on the action, sucking Joe, then Tim, then trying to get both cocks in his mouth. Tall, lanky, and adorable, Tim soon winds up in the middle again. The dark-haired twink becomes the meat in a Zac and Joe sandwich, sucked by Joe and rimmed by Zac. When Zac works his cock inside Timothy’s willing, hungry, and eager hole, you can almost feel the penetration and you can just imagine the pleasure-pain. After a while, Tim straddles Joe and goes for a ride, his sweet and raw hole milking that cock while Zac strokes his cock. The ever-greedy cock pig then fucks himself with Zac’s monster. After firing off a steamy load, which Zac devours, Timmy gets an incredible double facial and fuckā€¦he looks positively beautiful with his sweet innocent face drenched in cum.

Travis Cooper and Mikey

19 year old Travis barely starts to tug himself through the tighty whities he is wearing before I ask if I can bring in another model to work with him, "because you’re going to need to know how to be around gay guys;" apparently Travis has not had any experience with guys, gay or otherwise. As Mikey comes in, I assure Travis of Mikey’s "small penis;" and I tell Travis that Mikey has been here a long time and is used to, "helping me turn guys." The look on Travis’ face at this point, is, as Eddie jokes, "priceless." As you recall, I did tell Travis that,"Mikey is small;" okay, a large lie, but when Mikey gets naked, Travis takes one look and says "this is a small penis?" but manages to touch it, suck it, and even jack it off; I think we have another porn star for Straight Rent Boys. Both work together, stroking one another side by side, they are getting closer; their bodies flush red. Mikey is the first to shoot, as Travis brings him to a full climax and watches streaming white jizz shoot on Mikey’s chest. I then ask if Travis can, "stroke one out?" You’ll have to watch the video for this one! Download the Full Video at
Duration: 01:47

Kane Hansen Turned By Carson Evans – Twink Light

Carson Evans has another young lad to use and potentially persuade to the dark side in this video, and although young Kane Hansen appears stoic in the face of threats, the feeling of his rod being sucked to full hardness is enough to break his will! Soon that boy is sucking on Carson’s tool too, and then taking a hard fucking and a splashing of semen, leaving him at the mercy of Carson’s bite!

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cumming all over his face

cumming all over his face

Bee Poses Sexily Showing Off His Asian Boy Feet

Come behind the shooting of some gay Asian feet porn to meet Bee and his feet. Bee has a cute boyish face, slender build and tanned skin. In this clip he strives to please you with poses during a shoot with his feet. He’s flexible enough to feed his toes into his own mouth. And, his long slender feet flopped out on the floor with his Asian sausage cock contrasted against them looks damn sexy.
Duration: 03:00

College Dudes – Tommy Defendi Busts A Nut

Tommy Defendi has a lean athletic bod, a sexy face, beautiful smile, and a cock like a brick.
Duration: 02:30

Twink Fucked Raw Ends Up With Gaping Hole

Timothy Nixon has been having a lot of fun lately. He’s been sucking a lot of cock, throwing himself into threeways, and taking a lot of raw dick. So is it any wonder that this adorable, dark-haired Eastern European twink is exhausted? But even while relaxing, horny twinks always seem to find him. Sunning himself on a chaise lounge, Timothy soon feels a pair of hands caressing his back and applying lotion. He doesn’t mind. he likes it. Next thing you know, Joe Parkes is feeling up his ass, playing with his sweaty hole, and fingering him, all before he ever even shoves his cock in Timothy’s face!

Joe gets his cock sucked by the hungry, greedy cockwhore but when he gets a load of the huge piece and big balls Timothy’s sporting, Joe goes down and gives Tim a taste of his own oral skills. But it’s the hole that needs cock. And Timothy is more than anxious to get fucked. Deep, slow, and long. Joe doesn’t disappoint Timothy, pumping him with his fat dick until he’s ready to shoot, leaving Timothy with a beautifully gaping hole that will make you wish you were there to either bury your tongue inside or shove your cock in there after Joe.

Fuck Cream Boys

Gay Asian Porn Photos

Paula’s on the bed when Dark comes in to spank his partner. As these twinks fondle one another, a shot cannot be far off. “Fuck Cream Boys” is a video of these two hotties; one takes it up the ass and the other takes it on the face.

Dark can’t wait to get into Paula’s hole and begins to finger him. Naked, Paula then takes off Dark’s clothes to suck. As Paula engulfs Dark’s dick, Dark slaps and moans. Paula then goes on all fours as Dark fingers him again. Working his dick up, Dark then has Paula get him stiff, orally. Once on all fours again, Paula looks back to catch Dark’s aroused look.

Paula loves the anal attention and gasps as he is finger fucked. Pumping hard, Dark is about ready to enter Paula and plunder. Paula goes on top and slowly swallows Dark, anally. Once accustomed to his dick, and after a few adjustments, Paula rides with abandon, massaging his prostate.

Dark then thrusts from below, and both start to feel how pleasurable this boy on boy action can be. Dark then repositions his partner to doggie style, grabbing Paula’s hair and slapping his ass. These boys are enjoying the action and focus on one another’s delight. As the cameraman shoots from behind, we can appreciate all that Dark is give Paula.

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