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Ricky Hawk

This week TR brings you a brand new model, Ricky Hawk. Ricky is a a 25 year old cutie from Portand OR. Although Ricky doesn’t do a lot of modeling he’s a natural in front of the camera. He’s a bottom with one of the cutest smiles I’ve seen in a long time and he has an infectious laugh to boot! Hopefully soon we’ll see his bottoming power in action with an action scene shot exclusively for TR, meanwhile, enjoy.
Duration: 02:00

Boykakke – Policeman Solo

Gay Asian Porn Photos

Jack’s here today in uniform to get the job done. All he needs now is your attention and his “baton.” In this video, Jack uses the “tools of the trade,” to get himself off; “cum” along for the ride, he may need back-up.

Jack has a nice hairy chest, unique to most Asian guys. Check out his bushy underarms as well. As he strips and fondles, his nipples pop up like a “Tom Turkey Timer;” I think this boy is ready to be eaten. Using his baton, he massages his fine body then loses the pants. He has some sexy black underwear on and rubs his dick through the material. As the camera pans down, Jack definitely has a package large enough for two. Ah, what’s this, a nice happy trail leading down to his equipment, sweet. Now if you’re counting, Jack suddenly has three hands working him; no fear, sometimes a “solo” becomes a “friendly solo.” Hell, if I were there, I’d be licking from top to taint.

Having a “helping hand,” makes Jack a happy boy, quickly. The camera pulls out just enough for a “helper” to help himself; no, unfortunately, it’s not me. As the “assistant” licks and sucks on Jack, both seem very happy with the arrangement. “Unfolding” Jack’s dick, the “masked marvel” engulfs all of Jack, relishing his position. When Jack lies back on the ottoman, the “partner’s “mouth follows.

Damn, I like that “snake-tongue” action; this “mouth” really likes to smell and taste what he is eating. The assistant then savor of Jack’s hole; what a heavenly hairy hole. Jack seems to be up for the stimulating penetration as he is fingered. Seems that Jack likes to be prepared for “collaborations,” as he has packed an extra “tool” in his bag for today. As the two “team up,” catch the gasps of approval when the purple anal toy is worked in. Pumping and spanking, this is one authority figure who doesn’t mind being shown the rules.

Jack continues to moan and squirm, biting his baton. The assistant pulls out the toy to get a good look at the cavity. Both then jerk to orgasm; the helper works Jack’s nips until Jack’s own “baton” releases. The helper is next; nice dick. About to shoot, Jack’s face becomes the target as a glob of cream lands right on the kisser. No worries, the cream is then worked in by the two, orally.

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Ce and Ball I

These are two of the mosty feisty boys we have seen in a while. They start out tickling each other and I could hardly hold the camera still when they were giggling, their laughter was so infectious. But the action turned to the hot as they sucked each others toes. I just loved it when Ce took control and started fucking Ball’s feet while he gave him a blowjob. You are sure to enjoy!!
Duration: 03:00

Straight Rent Boys – Ray And Erick

This week it’s two gay boys on Straight Rent Boys. Sounds confusing? Here is the deal. Both of these boys are friends at college and they have a straight friend that they want to play with. So good so far. But, as many know, it’s not easy to get a straight friend to play with you. That is where David comes in. They want him to help them get their straight friend to have some hot steamy sex with them. David agrees to take up the challenge of getting them their straight friend if and only if these two boys fool around in front of the camera for him. At first they are reluctant; but after offering them each $200 they agree. What follows is both of them taking turns sucking each other off. In many ways the tension between friends having sex is much like the tension of a straight boy having sex for the very first time. Let’s see what happens when David gets their straight friend to join them. Download the full video at Straight Rent Boys and see what happens.
Duration: 02:41

Broke Straight Boys – Blake Savage

Today, we introduce another hot boy; Blake Savage. Blake, who is single, needs some quick cash in order to pay his rent, thus, the reason he has agreed to jerk off on camera.
Duration: 02:30

Amateur Tryouts 1

Video: Amateur Tryouts 1
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Studio: VadimNaz
Blonde, young and loves to masturbates on camera for all to watch. Wearing pink ruffled panties until she takes them off in the kitchen. A petite girl with a beautiful shaved pussy. Using fingers and a vibrator to cum on camera. She’s also seen in her bedroom in the next scene using a brush to get off. A young couple is next and she really loves the fact their filming her and her boyfriend having sex, see he smile as she rides his cock. Watch the last couple get her ass pounded.

British Beef Shower 2012

Video: British Beef Shower 2012
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Studio: Triangle Dream
Nick Baer returns to Great Britain in 2012 to video six nude photo shoots with British Beef as they take a hot shower. These beefcakes don’t mind taking it all off in front of the camera! With handsome faces, washboard abs, athletic bodies and juicy uncut cocks; you won’t be able to tear your eyes away from these squeaky clean hunks! They ooze sexuality all by their selves, but when the water starts running down these god-like bodies…you won’t have to wonder why you are on your knees ready to worship these Adonis!

Stars: San Salvador, Simon King, Nathan Scott, Joe Galea, Dan Carter, David Jones

Jack R and Justin, 20th November 2009

Straight boy Jack is pretty nervous at the beginning, not only is he going to go further than he ever has, he is also going to do it on camera! But Justin B was going to be the guy to guide him…
Duration: 03:00


Gay Asian Porn Photos

In this next “interrogation” of Paula, Officer Jack takes a whack and fondles his detainee. On this “Cum Eating Twink” video, Jack seems to be back for more than just a blow job. Even without his baton, I think Paula is still going to receive a stiff stick.

The two are on each other like worms in dirt and quickly get to each other’s “goods.” Underwear off, it’s a hot 69 with both going deep. As the two swallow, Jack slides his fingers around to Paula’s “treasure,” for a feel. The view from this end is perfect and it isn’t long before Paula is showing Jack exactly where he wants it.

Jack obliges. Licking and sucking Paula’s hole, eagerly. As Jack works, he also slaps the boy’s back side, reminding him who is in control. The camera angles to the side of the boys so we can appreciate both of their hot twink bodies. Paula stretches his ass wide so he may be finger fucked by the officer. As Jack inspects the cavity, tactually, Paula moans and pants in excitement.

Paula then rides atop Jack and the two work together for a thorough ass-essment. Seeing the view of Jack’s balls bouncing as Paula bounces up and down, is very hot. Wanting to go deeper, Jack puts Paula into a missionary position and thrusts hard. Paula grabs his feet then legs to make sure his partner is all the way in; the camera comes in for a close up, nice.

Paula then is on all fours and the copper grabs th bottom’s arms for leverage. Switching back to missionary, Jack now pumps and works toward a hot orgasm. When Jack does pull out, it is to unload his fully filled condom onto Paula’s chest. The two then smear the cream from tongue to taint and share in an oral mixture of fluids and saliva. Officer Jack as gotten what he needed from Paula, for now.

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Gay Asian Porn Kings

Bare Bangers 13

Video: Bare Bangers 13
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Studio: WaN-Film
Hoping to make names for themselves in the industry, newbies Tim and Joe Bexter give it their all for the camera. They show off their toned abs and muscular thighs, putting their stiff pricks on display for a steamy load swapping session. They shower attention on each other, giving and receiving pleasure, both bottoming for the other before taking one another’s hot loads on their faces.

Stars: Joe Bexter, Tim