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European Gay Fuck Buddies – Teach Twinks

Every guy wants a buddy like David calling them up and inviting them over to share some horny cock fun! Gorgeous sporty jock Aslan looks like he’s dropped everything to come over, finding his friend stroking his hard boner and ready to get some action. After greedily sucking on his friend’s juicy pecker Aslan comes into the bedroom where the real action starts, with plenty more oral before he slides his long naked shaft into his friend and fucks him all over the bed, finishing up with some great semen loads splashed out! These European gay fuck buddies know how to have a good time!

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Collegiate Cum Swapping 2

Collegiate Cum Swapping 2
At Corbin Fisher, our kinky young jocks always go at it like testosterone-charged machines, sucking and fucking each other furiously deep and raw – but it doesn’t stop there in this second installment of Collegiate Cum Swapping! Being all horned up and turned on by one another, nine of our hottest guys are intent on savoring their fun to the very last drop – filling each other’s hungry holes with white-hot spunk from pulsing, throbbing, shooting cocks!
Director: Corbin Fisher

Who’s The Bitch 1 And 2

Who's The Bitch 1 And 2
A bunch of us were sitting around drinking beer and I grabbed my cam. I pointed at two of my buddies, Krys and Zach, and said, ‘I want to see you guys make out.’ I told a third to get his dick hard in the corner. Krys and Zach were kissing and eventually made their way to the bean sack. While Zach lied across the bed, Krys sucked his dick and Conner face fucked him. Eventually Zach ends up on his knees and Krys starts fucking him. They flip him over and continue fucking both ends. I’m working one of the cams and barking out instructions: ‘Hold his legs!’ and ‘Fuck him harder!’ Zach mounts Conner and rides his big cock and soon Zach says, ‘I’m going to cum.’ He shot his load all over this dude’s belly. Krys and Conner end up side by side on the couch jerking their cocks and the freshly-fucked guy is sucking on his buddy’s balls. It’s not long before Krys is splooging, then this ball sucker moves over to Conner and sucks his nuts and gets him off.As usual we were chilling out, and getting wasted. Every party in this house has a bitch, and Miles was pretty messed up. So I thought for sure he would be getting his ass fucked. But when the party gets started its hard to tell who’s going to be the bitch. Usually its some pussy ass freshman who can’t handle his booze. But occasionally a senior has a slip up. We decided to play a little drinking game, and find out – who’s the bitch?
Studio: Fraternity X

Wanking With His Roommates Gear – Teach Twinks

Kevin needs to have a good wank, and when he finds his roommate isn’t in but his football kit is there for enjoying he can’t pass up the opportunity! Watch as Kevin slides those sexy socks on and wears his jock roommate’s shorts while he plays with his big uncut dick, wanking himself off and building the pleasure until his semen is gushing out of his cock! We wonder what his roommate would do if he found him!

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Reality Dudes 6

Reality Dudes 6
Simon Says: The innocent game of Simon Says turns naughty when Brandon, Damien, and Ryan have some fun with their new friend Levi. Levi get’s put through the ringer with everything from deep-throating an entire cock and balls, to licking armpits, to having the guys take turns plowing his hairy ass raw.Double Stacked: Let the lessons in dick sucking begin! The secret is to suck like you mean it, and don’t forget the nuts. Bonus points if you touch your tonsils. This blow job tag team turns into a full on fuck fest with these.Fuck My Box: Special delivery! We’ve all heard of Dick In A Box. Today we get Titus In A Box! The guys take turns fucking his sweet ass raw, but it doesn’t end there. This box is full of surprises and Titus is downright cock hungry!

You Don’t Cheat On A Boy Like Dustin – CrushHim

It’s hard to believe anyone would cheat on sexy young Dustin, but his man did, and now he’s getting some payback! His psychologist boyfriend should understand the need for revenge and closure, but he might not accept the spitefulness of Dustin fucking the cream out of his own secretary! Mason is more than willing to risk his job to help in the plan, greedily sucking bone and offering his horny little holefor Dustin to sink into raw and deep, fucking him all over the hotel room bed and making him spurt his cream out over himself before pulling out and splashing his own. They sure seem pleased with themselves after they’re done, now they just need to send that cheating bastard the video!

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Sharing Morning Boners! – Teach Twinks

When handsome and incredibly horny Danton finds sexy young Justin laying naked and too tempting to ignore he can’t help sucking that morning boner to wake the young man up. The appreciation for delicious cock is most definitely shared by both as they gobble and suck those morning boners between them, wanking each other, tasting pre-cum, frotting their cocks and finally erupting their first cream loads of the day!

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A Random Hotel Room Hook-Up – Boy Feast

I will admit that I’m slightly jealous that I didn’t have hook-up apps and texting when I was a young guy looking for some cock, but at least we have that now. Horny guy2 Dustin and Mason are taking advantage of exactly that in this hotel room session, hooking up for some bone pleasure, meeting for the first time and sharing some awesome fucking. They only have an hour, but that’s enough time for Mason to show the young man what he can do with his hungry mouth and tight smooth ass as he takes that joystick and rides him bareback, spunking out his load over Dustin’s stomach, with Dustin splashing his own out the second his naked dick is free from his new friend’s ass!

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Emptying His Blue Balls – Tasty Twink

Big dicked bi boy Justin had a bit of a hard time while he was trying to top another model who couldn’t take that big dick, so now he’s been left with a load of spunk needing to be splashed! It’s okay, we get to see him finally satisfying his needs and working that gorgeous rod, finally getting to pump his cream from his cock in a horny solo. With his balls full and his length throbbing, he gets a hot and splashing mess erupting out over his tight body, making us all join in with him.

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Blond Jordan Proves His Manliness – Teach Twinks

Sexy young Jordan gets a lot of crap from his dad, mainly about him not being a real man like him. The sexy young jock is eager to prove it to himself, and he has hairy hunk Preston to help him out. This handsome hunk knows how to turn a fit young guy like him into a real man, sucking his hard young bone, feeding him his own and then sliding his throbbing tool deep into that inexperienced ass. By the time the gorgeous young guy is drenched in hot semen he’s most definitely more of a man than he was when he started!

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