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Cesar Xes and Aaron Blanco

Aaron Blanco was grinning ear to ear as he admitted to having a crush on Cesar Xes for almost a year before they finally met. During the course of the interview their hands never left each otherâ

Gabriel Phoenix and Orson Deane

Gabriel Phoenix and Orson Deane finish the interview with Gabriel crawling onto Orson’s lap and the two shoving their tongues down each other’s throats. Orson rolls Gabriel over on the sofa and between the groping and kissing, the clothes start coming off. Orson stands and rips off his shirt. His hairy chest is a big turn-on for Gabriel who is soon on his knees sucking the hell out of Orson’s cock. It’s not long before Gabriel is naked on the sofa with Orson expertly working Gabriel’s dick with his mouth. Gabriel flips around on the sofa, bends over so that Orson can get to his ass. Orson pushes his dick in slowly at first; but Gabriel is soon loving every thrust of Orson’s cock as it pushes deeper into his hole. Orson dishes out quite the ass-fucking; but he wants some of Gabriel’s cock inside his own hole. He lies back on the sofa, pulls his legs back and Gabriel drives his thick, uncut cock right into Orson’s hole. Orson starts jacking his rock-hard cock and as Gabriel continues to pound, Orson drains his dick of all the jizz he can muster. Gabriel pulls out and stands over Orson. He grabs his cock and starts jerking. Almost immediately Gabriel starts squirting, spraying a thick load of jizz all over Orson.
Duration: 05:33

Lior Hod and Sammy Trakuza

Lior Hod was chilling out on the sofa, reading a magazine when a very horny Sammy Trakuza walks in and flat out asks Lior if he wants to have sex. Lior throws the magazine to the side, slides out of his jeans and offers his thick, uncut cock to Sammy. With both of their cocks stiff as boards, they quickly strip out of their clothes and Sammy wastes no time gobbling up Lior’s rock-hard dick. When Lior’s cock is wet enough Sammy bends over in front of him. Lior pushes slow at first; but, soon drives his thick piece of meat all the way into Sammy’s tight hole. They go at it doggie-style for quite a while; but Sammy wants to switch things up. He has Lior sit down on the sofa before he sits down on Lior’s cock. Then he begins riding up and down while Lior just sits back and enjoys the feeling of Sammy’s tight ass on his cock. Lior is soon side by side with Sammy, still pounding away at his ass. Sammy grabs his cock, starts jacking and that brings things to a head. Sammy starts squirting cum all over his abs and then Lior finishes off by coating Sammy’s chest in a healthy layer of hot, sticky jizz.
Duration: 05:33

Cesar Rossi and Scott Demarco

Cesar Rossi leans over and Scott Demarco shoves his tongue right into Cesar’s mouth. Our two hot studs quickly rip off their shirts as their hands explore each other’s crotch. Both of them are rock-hard by the time their shorts come off and Scott goes right for Cesar’s dick. He grabs his cock and starts jacking it while he’s giving Cesar a blowjob. Cesar is visibly enjoying getting his dick sucked; but he wants some of Scott’s long, thick cock. Scott lies back on the bed and Cesar goes to work pleasuring Scott’s manhood. Cesar reaches for the bottle of lube and applies a large amount to Scott’s cock and his ass. He straddles Scott and slowly slides down onto his cock. Cesar soon starts rocking back and forth while Scott begins thrusting from below. Scott rolls Cesar over onto all-fours and kneels behind him. He shoves his cock back into Cesar’s hole and the ass-pounding continues. Ultimately on his back and jacking his cock, Cesar’s eyes roll back in his head as Scott expertly moves his cock in and out of Cesar’s ass. Cesar can’t hold back and he starts shooting cum all over his chest and abs. Scott pulls out just in time to coat Cesar’s balls and cock in a thick, creamy load of his jizz.
Duration: 05:33

Damian Boss and Matthew Sommer

Damian Boss asked to borrow one of Matthew Sommer’s shirts. When Damian turns around with his selection, Matthew notices that Damian has a hard-on in his jeans. Damian gladly plops out his huge, uncut cock, and Matthew is up on his knees asking to taste it. Damian strips off his clothes, and Matthew goes to work on Damian’s cock. Damian wants his turn at Matthew’s stiff piece of meat. He rolls Matthew back on the bed and begins sucking his cock while one hand starts fingering Matthew’s tight asshole. Damian rolls Matthew back on the bed pointing his ass to the sky, as he buries his face into Matthew’s ass and starts tongue-fucking Matthew hard and fast. Damian replaces his tongue with his finger and continues fucking Matthew with it while he jacks his rock-hard cock with the other hand. Matthew is almost begging to have Damian’s cock up his ass. Damian obliges by rolling over on the bed with his cock pointing straight up so that Matthew could sit straight down. That’s exactly what Matthew did and then he starts riding it fast, hard and quite feverishly. Damian pounds Matthew’s ass all over the bed. When he can’t hold it any longer, he pulls his dick out and dumps a thick load of cum all over Matthew’s balls and cock. Matthew rubs the cum into his own dick and starts jacking. After just a few intense strokes Matthew’s nuts tighten and he blows a load of jizz that coats from his abs to the top of his chest. One truly hot scene.
Duration: 05:32

Bjorn Nykvist and Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan pulls Bjorn Nykvist away from the cold window and they both fall onto the bed. The two begin kissing and soon the clothes come off. Bjorn makes a move for Alex’s rock-hard, uncut cock. He swallows the entire thing and proceeds to give Alex’s cock a thorough tongue bath. Alex pulls his legs back and Bjorn starts teasing Alex’s hole with his tongue. Alex reaches for the bulge in Bjorn’s shorts and is quick to help Bjorn out of his clothes. He goes down on Bjorn’s long, thick cock in between jerking his own dick and leaning up to kiss Bjorn. Alex, wanting more, turns his ass to Bjorn and Bjorn slowly pushes his thick piece of meat deep into Alex’s waiting hole. Once Alex get’s used to Bjorn’s size, Bjorn begins fucking him hard and fast. The ass-pounding continues with Alex flipping over on the bed and throwing his legs up in the air. The intensity grows the longer these two hot young men go at it. Alex grabs his cock and starts jacking it as he gets close. Bjorn drives his cock deeper and when he hits the right spot Alex blows a thick, messy load of cum all over his abs and chest. Bjorn pulls out, moves up near Alex’s head and proceeds to deposit a healthy amount of jizz into Alex’s mouth.
Duration: 05:33

Zach Miro and Martin Hovor

Martin Hovor is sleeping when Zach Miro enters Martinâ

Vadim Black

Mega-star Vadim Black has been in the adult business for 5 years now. His biggest turn-ons are getting his cock sucked, having someone kiss his entire body and getting jerked off. The strangest place heâ

Peter Uman and Casper Ivarsson

Casper Ivarsson returns from the gym needing a massage and Peter Uman is happy to oblige. Casper pulls his shirt off, lays down face first on the bed and Peter begins rubbing his back. Peter slides off Casperâ

William Crown and Finn Daniels

We find Finn Daniels and William Crown all snuggled up on the bed dressed only in their underwear. Finn plays with the bulge growing in Williamâ