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Who’s The Bitch 1 And 2

Who's The Bitch 1 And 2
A bunch of us were sitting around drinking beer and I grabbed my cam. I pointed at two of my buddies, Krys and Zach, and said, ‘I want to see you guys make out.’ I told a third to get his dick hard in the corner. Krys and Zach were kissing and eventually made their way to the bean sack. While Zach lied across the bed, Krys sucked his dick and Conner face fucked him. Eventually Zach ends up on his knees and Krys starts fucking him. They flip him over and continue fucking both ends. I’m working one of the cams and barking out instructions: ‘Hold his legs!’ and ‘Fuck him harder!’ Zach mounts Conner and rides his big cock and soon Zach says, ‘I’m going to cum.’ He shot his load all over this dude’s belly. Krys and Conner end up side by side on the couch jerking their cocks and the freshly-fucked guy is sucking on his buddy’s balls. It’s not long before Krys is splooging, then this ball sucker moves over to Conner and sucks his nuts and gets him off.As usual we were chilling out, and getting wasted. Every party in this house has a bitch, and Miles was pretty messed up. So I thought for sure he would be getting his ass fucked. But when the party gets started its hard to tell who’s going to be the bitch. Usually its some pussy ass freshman who can’t handle his booze. But occasionally a senior has a slip up. We decided to play a little drinking game, and find out – who’s the bitch?
Studio: Fraternity X
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