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3990 Miguel Alves

Miquel Alves stopped by after being on vacation in Greece for the summer. His body is all tanned and lean from the exercise program he’s been working. It’s been about six months since we’ve seen him and his thick black hair is now quite a bit longer. He’s been anxious to get on camera and show off his hidden assets so, we figure this was as good a time as any. Miguel quickly strips off his shirt. His chest and arms show definition that only comes from working out. As he sits back on the sofa and pulls off his shorts, his huge, thick, uncut cock plops out and is ready for some stroking. He pumps up his cock in no time flat; his big balls hanging low and full. Miquel works his cock for the camera, sometimes lifting his legs back so we can get a nice closeup of that sweet, tight asshole. As the intensity of Miquel’s stroking increases his body tightens and breathing becomes faster. His balls tighten up and with a whole-body thrust Miquel shoots streams of jizz all over his chest and stomach.
Duration: 05:52

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