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Just 3 inches, huh?

Dakota Ford and Jaden Bentley Flip

Dakota Ford and Jaden Bentley Flip

Our favorite newbie Jaden is back and it’s time to pop that little cherry of his. Preforming the honor is BSB’s resident jokester, Dakota Ford. The director promises that Dakota only has a three inch dick and that it won’t hurt that much. LOL! I love it when they say that.

After stripping down Dakota pulls Jaden into him and delivers a sloppy kiss. They move onto the bed where they continue to make out and play with each other’s cocks. Dakota decides to help Jaden relax with a blowjob. Dakota devours the dick, getting all of it in his mouth. He licks all over the veiny pole and even beats it against his tongue. Satisfied with his work, he directs Jaden’s head over onto his lap. Jaden knows what to do. He sucks Dakota’s cock and only takes a brief break to make out with him. “This is definitely bigger than three inches” he observes while slobbering on Dakota’s sausage. Jaden sucks that dick like he likes it, or maybe he’s just trying to delay what’s to come.

Dakota, eager to get the new boy opened, places him on his back and lubes up. “Be gentle”, Jaden requests before Dakota begins to push his raw dick inside. Dakota busts right through the never before used hole and immediately starts to bang it out. So much for respecting the new merchandise! Dakota hold Jaden’s leg up as he tears through his man pussy. Jaden is calling out in pain, but Dakota is enjoying himself too much to care. He gets him to turn over, revealing Jaden’s nick bubble butt. After reinserting, Jaden screams out Dakota’s name in pain, almost like a plea for mercy. I hope he lives through this one! “Take this dick” Dakota demands the new boy. Jaden simmers some and does exactly what he’s told. Good boy!

The tables turn and Dakota gets on his back, spreads his legs, and fingers himself before letting Jaden’s dick inside. Jaden mercifully start off slow. “God you dick is big”, Dakota moans. “Oh gimme that dick, own that ass” Dakota begs. Jaden uses that big tool of his to plow right through Dakota as commanded. It doesn’t take long for Dakota to cum. He shoots cum all over his sexy abs and chest. Jaden pulls out and spills his own man seed onto Dakota’s cock and balls. Jaden lived through one hell of a fucking from Dakota and I can’t wait to see these two in action again.

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