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Dakota Ford Fucks Ian Dempsey Raw

Dakota Ford Fucks Ian Dempsey Raw

I’m hungry…I wonder what Dakota and Ian are serving. Dakota Ford is back with the hunky teen Ian Dempsey. The scene opens with a candid conversation about their first scenes. Ian says that it took him four hours to get hard the first time he performed in front of a camera. Dakota agrees that it can be hard, especially when you have big shoes to fill. The conversation leads into Ian’s mature look. He’s only 18, but with that body and sexy beard he could easily pass for 25. Hottie Dakota is asked about his wife and he states that he’s sure that she would get turned on watching his scenes. The director asks if she would be jealous and he’s not sure. While I’d be interested in knowing how she feels about, I’m more interested in seeing these two fuck.

They remove their clothes and Ian lies back on the bed. After claiming that he wants to “be a part of the team”, Dakota decides to show how much he means it by wrapping his mouth around Ian’s cock without hesitation. Thanks to Dakota’s face hole, it doesn’t take Ian four hours to get hard this time. Dakota’s technique has progressed from a rating of “the kid’s got talent” to “daaaaaammmmmnnn!” But Ian’s thick sausage is big enough to have the orally talented Dakota choking. Before needing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Dakota joins Ian on the bed. Ian takes Dakota’s dick into his mouth and begins to suck him off. Ian has no trouble, and I mean NO TROUBLE, taking Dakota’s dick down to the balls. I can’t imagine that it’s easy as Dakota is sporting a serious monster. He holds Dakota’s cock at the base and continues to make it disappear and reappear. #Magic! Ian inhales Dakotas beef whistle like its air. Dakota takes control momentarily and fucks Ian’s mouth. He’s really into it; for a second I thought he was going to bust right there in Ian’s warm mouth. However, hungry for an ass-fucking, Ian stops and sits on Dakota’s baby maker. Riding that dick in reverse cowboy, Ian’s hungry hole swallows all of Dakota’s cock. “Oh yeah, ride that dick, ride that dick”, Dakota commands. And Ian does just that. He rides like a pro, his own dick slapping his abs.

After being ridden like Seabiscuit, Dakota forces Ian on all fours and continues to tear into that hairy hole. He doesn’t show any mercy but Ian doesn’t seem to mind at all. He’s enjoying the pounding. Dakota must be imagining his wife because he really starts to get into a rhythm; winding and grinding his body as he screws Ian. Seriously, those were gay stripper moves! Dakota gets bossy, directing Ian to lay on his back. He continues to drill Ian like he’s looking for oil. From this angle we can see Ian’s hole stretched to the limit by Dakota’s meat bat. And just like that, Ian doesn’t pump out oil but he does release a geyser of baby gravy. Dakota yanks his dick out of Ian’s hole and pops his own cork, fizzing all over Ian. Oh, please pair these two up again, and again, and again!!! And get Dakota some BSD undies, he’s earned them.

I’m stuffed, not the same as Ian just was, but I’m satisfied nonetheless :)

Watch this incredibly hot scene right here!

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