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You Don’t Cheat On A Boy Like Dustin – CrushHim

It’s hard to believe anyone would cheat on sexy young Dustin, but his man did, and now he’s getting some payback! His psychologist boyfriend should understand the need for revenge and closure, but he might not accept the spitefulness of Dustin fucking the cream out of his own secretary! Mason is more than willing to risk his job to help in the plan, greedily sucking bone and offering his horny little holefor Dustin to sink into raw and deep, fucking him all over the hotel room bed and making him spurt his cream out over himself before pulling out and splashing his own. They sure seem pleased with themselves after they’re done, now they just need to send that cheating bastard the video!

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Sharing Morning Boners! – Teach Twinks

When handsome and incredibly horny Danton finds sexy young Justin laying naked and too tempting to ignore he can’t help sucking that morning boner to wake the young man up. The appreciation for delicious cock is most definitely shared by both as they gobble and suck those morning boners between them, wanking each other, tasting pre-cum, frotting their cocks and finally erupting their first cream loads of the day!

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James Fuklin

The college needed a physical in order to join the team so I went to the clinic to get a physical. I was so nervous..I always went with my mom to the doctor but I mustered the courage to go alone.
Duration: 02:30

Swimmer Suck Off

J.J. Smith didn’t know what he was bargaining for when he went to the clinic. Coach Phillips from the swim team makes every swimmer take a physical before signing up. Little did J.J. know that he was in for a crazy doctor physical.
Duration: 02:30

Danny Cruz Fucks Jason Sterling

Jason Sterling gets fucked hard by Danny Cruz, taking that dick until Jason swallows all of his cum!
Duration: 02:30

Electro Squirt

I did a stupid thing last nite. I was hanging with my girlfriend and I wanted to last all nite with her so I took a blue pill one of the frat boys sold me. I didn’t know that shit was gonna be so potent. I think I nailed her like 4 times back to back and still my dick wouldn’t go down. I decided to see that crazy doctor just to make sure I didn’t cause any permanent damage.
Duration: 02:30

Something To Numb The Pain

I was on the diving board and as I did my jack knife I pulled a muscle in my groin. I had never felt so much pain there..when I got out of the pool and coach saw me limp he immediately told me to get it checked out. I couldn’t miss out on my very first competition so I hobbled over to the doc to see what he could do to numb the pain.
Duration: 02:30

Levi Stone

Cutey Levi Stone is back for a soapy shower and wack off. Enjoy! Back to regular US updates from Dominic Pacifico in the next week or so. 🙂
Duration: 02:00

Sean Stewart

Smooth European muscle hunk Sean oils up and whacks off. Enjoy!
Duration: 02:00

A Random Hotel Room Hook-Up – Boy Feast

I will admit that I’m slightly jealous that I didn’t have hook-up apps and texting when I was a young guy looking for some cock, but at least we have that now. Horny guy2 Dustin and Mason are taking advantage of exactly that in this hotel room session, hooking up for some bone pleasure, meeting for the first time and sharing some awesome fucking. They only have an hour, but that’s enough time for Mason to show the young man what he can do with his hungry mouth and tight smooth ass as he takes that joystick and rides him bareback, spunking out his load over Dustin’s stomach, with Dustin splashing his own out the second his naked dick is free from his new friend’s ass!

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