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The Headmaster’s new pupil

Dylan Sharp And Paul Canon

Dylan Sharp And Paul Canon

Paul and Dylan have been paired up. I’m happy that Dylan is back and he’s in for a treat with Paul who will be teaching him how to suck dick. Paul is one of the best cock suckers on this site so he couldn’t be in better hands. Let’s stop talking and put these mouths to better use.

The boys make out with each other as they make their way over to the bed. Paul quickly kisses his way down to Dylan’s cock. He wraps those hot lips around it and begins to slowly play with it. He grabs ahold of it at the base and uses his tongue and throat to get Dylan fully erect. Once stiff, Paul uses his hand to glide up and down the shaft. Just the sound of Paul’s mouth at work has me sporting wood. Dylan’s heavy breathing is a clear indicator that he’s enjoying it too. Dylan’s meat glistens with saliva as Paul sucks on his balls. Paul’s got some real talent. Soon Dylan busts a nice load right into Paul’s mouth.

Now it’s Dylan’s turn to put his mouth to work. Right from the beginning Dylan tries to stuff all of Paul’s cock into his mouth. Paul is certainly turned on by this boy’s gusto and gets hard quick. Dylan may be new at this but he’s got some skills. He massages Paul’s balls while engulfing over half of the cock. Soon Paul shots a huge load and Dylan helps him with the cleanup. It looks like we’ve created ourselves another head expert.

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I’ll be fragile on that booty

Sergio Fucks Dimitri

Sergio Fucks Dimitri

Sergio is back and he’s here to do us the honor of opening Dimitri’s tight little hole. Dimitri says that he trusts Sergio not to hurt him but even though I’m sure Sergio will try not to, that big dick of his has made no promises. After instructing Dimitri to just breathe; it time to get down to business.

The boys strip and hop on the bed. They immediately begin to kiss and to fondle each other. Sergio delivers some full lip service and I’m already jealous. He kisses his way down to Sergio’s cock and begins to blow him good. Dimitri’s rod grows and hardens in Sergio’s skilled mouth. As it grows, I begin to wonder just whose dick is bigger. Dimitri takes a time out from having his dick sucked and starts to return the favor by slobbering on Sergio’s meat. He gets a lot of Sergio’s cock in his mouth; I hope he doesn’t get lockjaw.

And before you know it, it’s time for Dimitri to experience “the joys” of bottoming for the first time. Dimitri lies back on the bed and lubes himself up. Moments later Sergio gently slides his monster inside and starts to slowly churn his insides. Dimitri takes cock like a champ and soon Sergio is able to fuck him like he means it. He flips Dimitri over onto his knees and really begins to drill his hole. Sergio is able to push the entire length of his dick inside before he again puts Dimitri on his back. Wow! This boy can truly take it! He can not only take it but he must enjoy it because he soon fires a massive load right along with Sergio.

Dimitri confirms my guess by admitting that doggy style was easier. Of course, Sergio likes ever position because he just likes to fuck! Dimitri is in a little pain but he’ll walk it off and hopefully get back to getting fucked.

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Elijah Alexander & Scotty Marx

Both of our newest gay porn models were ready to jump into some hard core action. And since we introduce every model with a solo, we decided to let these two jerk off together before they started to fuck. So here is a first of a two part sex romp that will blow your mind and your wad. Elijah Alexander and Scotty Marx are opposite in almost every way. Elijah is 6 foot 3, pale alabaster skin, long ginger hair, and straight. Scotty is 5 foot 7 with olive skin, short black hair and cannot get enough of the dick. They both got in their speedos and sat out in the sun. Of course, Elijah, being a fair ginger started to get red. Scotty warned him that he was burning. Elijah ran inside took off his shirt and began to butter himself up with Aloe. Scotty looked on and began to rub baby oil on himself. And thus begins the game. The two started watching each other get oilier and oilier. Elijah asked Scotty if he liked looking at him. Scotty coyly said, Maybe. Soon they each pulled their cocks out. And Elijah asked Scotty to finger fuck himself. Scotty laid back and plowed his hole with his finger. Finally Scotty came to the doorway as both of them started to get close. Elijah said he was going to cum. Scotty told him to get over to him. He wanted it all over his chest. Elijah busted a load all over Scotty and then Scotty soon followed with powerful squirts of hot jiz. Elijah then grabbed him and pulled him inside for a kiss. Stay tuned this for the second installment where Elijah fucks the living daylights out of Scotty and his tight hole.
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Denis Klein & Tomas Adamaec

Denis and Tomas are two gorgeous blond boys who love to fuck. They’ve got beautiful big cocks and tight holes that are eagerly awaiting to be fucked. Watch their nubile bodies entwine and build to a cum squirting conclusion!

Brat Gonota & Patrik Sweet

Brat and Patrik are trying to escape the heat by just wearing their boxers around the house. The only problem is that the sight of each other in those skimpy boxers is getting them as horny as hell. They each start rubbing their cocks and then when their meat escapes they trade deep, long blow jobs. The fucking commences and the only respite is a shower of cum in the face!

Getting that clean twink boner smutty anew

When u shack up with your aged male lover, things can acquire without control – and they do receive without control nice-looking often for this twink honey here. He was chilling in the shower taking care of his pleasing tight body, and then his lover entered the washroom to aid the man dry the water off. A random touch on the fellow’s penis, and the guy was done. That guy couldn’t aid it, this dude just couldn’t aid it. His throat got busy sucking on the hardening thing, and in a hardly any moments he was having this thick lengthy bat-like dick all the way in his juicy manhole. The twink got dirty without even leaving the shower which was supposed to wash him clean!

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Young soldier caught jacking

Spending summer in that military summer camp sure was tough. The stud was walking around lustful literally 24/7! So many hot fellows around. At some point he ended up running away, whipping it out and just going at it. Well, the meanest officer in camp happened to walk by – maybe not even all by accident. Anyway, the chap was likewise scared and did everything what the officer wanted. Apparently, the officer wanted his massive thick cock sucked – and this fellow too wanted to fuck the constricted twink’s butt untill it was a sore mess! Watch the man ride himself without torture and eat the officer’s load to the final drop.

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Breakfast in ottoman and greater amount

The boy hasn’t been feeling well lately, and his older paramour was real worried. Of course this guy was taking great care of him! Check out how their typical morning went. The chap wasn’t even fully awake when the guy brought him breakfast – and tons of loving, likewise. Well, literally! Way too enticed by this stripped sleeping Adonis, the older boy just got busy engulfing on the stud’s tasty meat – and he didn’t stop till that meat was hard and leaking for real act. Which started right away! The old man got his ass rammed by the horny, grateful dude who of course felt finer by then.

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Delivery boy receives a tip

It was a fine job though not too easy. The boy got latterly hired as a courier so he was in a constant rush all around town delivering stuff and taking packages. The package he took that very day, oh dear lord. Watch him come to that biggest mature hunk’s place with yet another parcel. As the two were dealing with paperwork, they felt they could be dealing with something else entirely. They literally jumped onto every other and soon the twink’s throat was busy with the boy’s giant meat. Both hearts were racing as the aged mammoth drilled the boy into the wall in his apartment – almost literally!

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Picking up this babe

The boys were cruising the hood on that sunny day looking for a hawt twink who would be enough of a floozy to, you know, just go with it and join them in their naughty plans. And they discovered one! See him receive wild in the car already, giving some gorgeous head and not quite making the guys discharge their loads before getting home for the real deal. At home, they just went crazy letting the hung concupiscent guy pound their holes naive. This fellow lasted enough to make the one and the other of Them shoot their spunk all over the place! What a lucky street hookup, actually!

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