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The Kid is Back!

Dakota Ford and James Riley

Dakota Ford and James Riley

The newbie, James Riley is back and is anxious to make some cash. He’s been paired with BSB veteran Dakota Ford, who’s going to show him the oral ropes. Both of them are horny and ready to get off. That makes three of us!

They get things popping by watching a little bit of porn on Dakota’s phone while rubbing their dicks. Dakota takes initiative and pulls James’s dick out of his pants and starts sucking on it. James keeps his eyes trained on the porn. The combination of James’ warm mouth wrapped around his cock and the porn do the trick; he’s hard as a rock in no time. Dakota sucks on it and gently strokes it. James’ hand sneaks over and it’s soon all over Dakota’s man rod.

The boys finally lose their clothes and James lays back on the couch where Dakota takes his dick in hand and continues to lick and suck on it. He’s got James moaning and I’m pretty sure that he’s not even concerned that it’s a guy giving him head. Dakota gets up and James doesn’t hesitate when he’s told to put Dakota’s dick in his mouth. This may be his first time tasting cock but he looks like he knows what he’s doing. He even takes getting his mouth fucked like a pro. Soon James has Dakota hanging off of the couch where he continues to give him a hot blow job. Dakota is panting hard as he takes over and starts to fuck his mouth again.

They sit back on the couch where they jack each other off. That’s round two of James’ introduction to BSB. I’m

Yeah, Just Like That

Taylor White and Brody Lasko

Taylor White and Brody Lasko

Tyler is back and I don’t know about you but I’m happy to see that he’s got a haircut. Today we’ve got him paired up with Brody, and they’re expected to flip…RAW. This is a pairing that I’ve been looking forward to, let’s get started.

Kissing, Brody and Tyler are all over each other from the beginning. Brody’s hand finds itself fondling and rubbing Tyler’s dick through his jeans. They quickly get rid of his clothes and Brody uses his oral skills to show Tyler just how much he’s learned in the past few months. Brody takes every inch of it down his throat before Tyler drags him to the side of the bed and shows him his own oral skills. Tyler’s full lips glide up and down Brody’s stiff dick.

Wasting no time, Tyler spreads Brody’s legs and pushes his cock deep inside, making Brody scream out in pleasure. Tyler fucks Brody like it’s been years since he’s had any. Brody holds on tightly to the sheets, trying his best to brace himself against Tyler’s strokes. Brody flips over and gets on all fours where Tyler continues to bully his hole into nothingness.

Brody, ready for revenge turns Tyler around and lubes him up. He squeezes his thick cock into Brody’s tight boy pussy and starts stroking him hard and deep. Tyler’s ass isn’t huge, but the one he has is bouncing as Brody pounds him. Brody not only strokes Zeno’s insides, but he only strokes his cock while sending him into a frenzy. They transition into missionary position where Brody drills his insides, kissing his body all over Tyler while calls out in pleasure. Tyler cums on his stomach while Tyler is still inside him Tyler pulls out dumps a huge load on Tyler.

Tyler White And Brody Lasko

Not Your Average…

Introducing James Riley

Introducing James Riley

James Riley may not be your average clean cut, ripped porn star, but he is cute and broke, just the way we like them. He says that if the mood is right, he’d be okay with getting oral from a dude and maybe reciprocating. Today he’s just going to show off for us so let’s see what he’s got.

He’s positioned on the stairs, where he’s fondling his growing cock. James jacks off while leaning back on the stairs. This kid has a nice thick cock for sure! I would definitely like to see him paired up with Ronan Kennedy or Brandon Beal. He and Ronan could sword fight with those big pricks of theirs and I’d love to see Brandon’s soft ass ripped open by James’s dick. During his solo, James also lets us see his ass as he simulates fucking. I know he’s new to the site and it will probably take him some time to warm up to the idea, but I’m sure James wouldn’t mind

Bi Hunk Zane Porter gets a cum filled happy ending from Skylar West

Bi Hunk Zane Porter needs to get a massage, and Skylar West is the gay porn star to do it. This hot tatted hunk wants to get a happy ending, and once Skylar starts to massage that long hard dick, he is happy to oblige. They start sucking each other off and then they rim. Zane lets Skylar ride on his tick dick and then fucks him doggie style. Finally he fucks the cum out of Skylar while fucking him missionary. Then he pulls out and cums all over that hot smooth ass. He lets Skylar suck off the last drops. This is one hot fucking scene. Be sure to check out all the free gayporn pics of the HD action here at Randy Blue.
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Gay Muscle Hunks Austin Wolf and Kurtis Wolfe fuck each other

Everyone has been waiting for the two ultra top muscle gods to give it up for the Randy Blue fans in some good old full HD gay porn fucking. Kurtis Wolfe is the epitome of masculinity. He is one of those models that came to us straight, but then with each passing scene began to realize that fucking dudes is fun. Austin Wolfe is a towering mass of muscle that loves to dominate over his smaller scene partners. Well now the wait is over and these two gods are finally bottoming for each other. The passion was so intense. From the moment they began to kiss all the way until they began to penetrate each other, the intensity never left their eyes. If you like sucking and riimming and first time fucking and cum eating, well then this scene has everything you want. Please be sure to check out the all free gayporn pics of the hot action here at Randy Blue.
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Workshop Trio

Our young apprentices have been finding that all the hard work is doing wonders for their ab definition. Upon examining each other’s abs they find that their cocks are hard and so must be given wonderful blow jobs. Then a terrific event occurs – a third sexy twink enters the workshop with a hard cock and just ready to join the suck fest. It’s too much for one of our lovely lads who cums all over his workmate – leaving the other two to get down to a bareback fuck.

More Please

Zeno Kostas Fucks Brandon Beal

Zeno Kostas Fucks Brandon Beal

Here’s a yummy pair: Zeno Kostas and Brandon Beal. Brandon hasn’t had time to get laid so he’s definitely come to the right place to get off and get paid. Zeno will take great care of him as he usually does.

No time is wasted; they go right in for some steamy kissing while tossing their clothes. Zeno gently plays with Brandon’s cock as they continue to swap spit. Brandon sits down and Brandon starts to suck Zeno’s pierced nipples before standing up and putting his dick into his mouth. Zeno takes all of Brandon’s meat down his throat. Brandon holds his head to make sure that Zeno can’t go too far. They move over to the bed and Zeno sits back as Brandon spits and sucks on his thick cock. Zeno tenderly runs his fingers through his hair, moaning from pleasure. Not wanting this dick to get dry, Brandon gets into the 69 position. He fucks Zeno’s mouth while devouring his cock. I wish I could slide right between them!

Brandon lubes Zeno’s raw cock and hops right on. It’s clear that it has been a while because he uses Brandon’s cock like a toy. Zeno holds on while being rode hard by Brandon. He slaps his ass and takes control. Zeno bends him over the chair and fucks him hard from the back, ramming his with everything he has. They switch positions one more time before they both cum, almost simultaneously, on Brandon’s stomach.

Zeno Kostas Fucks Brandon Beal

Pounding that fellow into the bed

There were many things the lad liked about his twink lover but there was this one bit that completely made him lose it. It was how the boy would just shoot sticky cum when the man was ramming his butt. And here, u’ll see it happen! Watch the two get every other good and juicy and hard before the man’s butt was willing to take all the pounding it could. It was tons of pounding we assure you. Glamorous in a short time the twink’s thick, wet, pulsing ramrod was spurting out cock juice like a fucking hose!

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Mark receives screwed and fucks back

Some boys just wish as much weenie as they can possibly get. Mark is exactly this way. Just look at him, getting caught between two pulsating shafts seems to be exactly his thing! In fact, it’s hard to say who was caught between what here. Nice-looking pretty soon their threeway turned into a total fucking mess! Ferdinan was so fortunate to be able to fool around with these super constricted twinks!

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Sexy twink receives cum on his back

Working out with your slender, ripped twink lover nearby may seem enjoyment – but only if u’re not likewise serious about the whole working out thing. They kept working out side by side for a while, but the raunchy vibes the lad was sending were also damn beefy. But then something clicked and bang, the mature stud had his twink paramour’s mouth all over his cock. Some anal fingering ensued, and soon the stud was riding his sugar daddy like the hot boner whore that this dude was. Dang, just look how destroyed this slutty twink butt gets here!

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