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Lukas Gregory & Denis Klein

In the age of old battle of who is hotter blond vs brunette today we have the sexy Lukas and the gorgeous Denis locked in a tongue battle. These two twinks are both as sexy as hell and as they strip to reveal their slim bodies and hard cocks it’s hard not to swoon. It’s a bareback fuck battle that ends in buckets of spilled cum from cute young cocks.

Corey’s School Boy Fantasy

BoyCrush releases its newest movie of BoyCrush’s original star Corey Clark, it has unreleased scenes from the BoyCrush Vault! Get ready to be invaded by Corey Clark and all his twinky glory! It’s always fun to fantasize/day dream about certain scenarios and get turned on by them, Corey Clark always had school boy fantasies! Corey gets fucked and fucks all the boys he’s had fantasies with in this movie, Angel Kelly gets taught a lesson by Corey, Brett Ryder teaches Corey a few things and punishes Corey. We also have Gabe Crawford getting a session in with Corey and much more! So get ready to have your school boy fantasies come true with Corey’s School Boy Fantasy!

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BoyCrush releases its newest movie of BoyCrush’s original star Corey Clark, it has unreleased scenes from the BoyCrush Vault!

Stars: Brett Ryder Gabe Crawford Angel Kelly (m) Corey Clark

Categories: Anal Safe Sex Fratboys Twink Gay Amateur

Scene Number: 1

Orientation: Gay

Studio Name: Boy Crush

The More You Know

The More You Know

The More You Know

We haven’t

Fucking the Dead

Trevor Laster Fucks Ryan Fields Raw

Trevor Laster Fucks Ryan Fields Raw

Soooo Ryan decided to get a Walking Dead tattoo on his leg. Ok, there’s that. If this were a smart choices show he’d probably get voted off but thank goodness the tat doesn’t really distract from that great ass of his. Because of the new tat, Ryan won’t be able to top as originally planned. So Trevor’s going to get a piece of that ass today and I’m sure he doesn’t mind too much.

Trevor immediately gets on his knees and puts Ryan’s dick in his mouth. He slobs all over Trevor’s dick as Trevor looks on, transfixed by Trevor’s skills. And the boy does have skills. He takes Ryan’s meat pole all the way down to the balls before lifting his ass up and proceeding to eat him out. He buries his tongue deep into his hole. Ryan spreads his legs in order to give Trevor better access.

With Ryan’s ass nice wet and teased, Trevor slides his dick from the behind. Trevor’s dick is so fucking thick. He stretches Ryan’s hole to the max and he slowing stuffs every bit of it into his guts. Trevor’s raw dick slides in and out, assisted by the saliva he deposited in Ryan’s ass earlier. He picks up the pace and begins to really pound Ryan’s ass before flipping him over onto his knees. Ryan’s juicy booty takes every bit of the beating that Trevor’s cock dishes out. He boy pussy makes just as much noise as Ryan, audibly bouncing off of Trevor. So, Ryan goes for distance, shooting a huge load across the bed. Trevor pulls out and milks his dick right onto Ryan’s ass before pushing it back into his hole. That was one hot performance and almost a better show that The Walking Dead.

Trevor Laster And Ryan Fields

Big Dick Frat Strapped For Cash

Big Dick Frat Strapped For Cash
Like many college boys I meet, Willie was low on rent money and figured he would try his hand at porn. He certainly has the dick for it. He was living with his girlfriend and rarely had to “take matters into his own hands,” so I wasn’t sure how he’d do trying to jerk off in front of another guy. Luckily I had some hot straight porn for him to watch to help get him in the mood. After bending over so we could get a peek of his sweet ass, he laid back and spread his legs. He was finally getting hard and let us see his full 8 inches of thick meat. It’s fun and challenging getting straight boys out of their comfort zone on camera. I had him lay back and put his legs in the air, and then he got on all fours so we could get a better view of his sexy butt. That was definitely a first for him but he seemed okay with it. Afterwards he stood up and gave a nice profile of his rock hard cock. I asked if girls ever got scared of how big it is. He said, “Yeah, but then they end up liking it.” I bet they do! He really started getting into it as he laid back, stroked, and rubbed his hot hole. He moaned and talked about how much he liked getting his dick sucked. He even said girls sometimes choke on it. I couldn’t help but imagine how great it would be to try to get my lips around that thick meat. Damn he was getting me hard. Finally he was past the point of no return. “Here we go,” he moaned as cum drizzled down his pole. I guess he didn’t have any problem jerking off on camera after all!
Director: Steve Myer

Abram Gets Some

Abram Hoffer Fucks Ian Dempsey Raw

Abram Hoffer Fucks Ian Dempsey Raw

Abram is still new and trying to find his way around. Today he’ll have the added challenge of finding his way around the veteran, Ian Dempsey. Abram’s going to get a piece of some of the most coveted ass on this site.

The boys start off with some kissing and heavy petting. The remove all of their clothing and continue to kiss and rub one another. Ian’s, sees Abram’s cock rock hard and decides to use it as an appetizer. He sucks on it and allows it to stretch his mouth. Abram isn’t the only one with a thick dick, as he soon finds out when he tries to Ian’s down his throat. He’s able to take half of it, which is enough to please Ian.

Ian lubes his ass and then gets on all fours to offer his hole to Abram. Abram pushes his cock right in with no hesitation. And I mean every inch with no warm up strokes. Wow! You can tell that Abram is used to fucking pussy. Ian groans with every thrust Abram offers. Abram flips over and allows Ian to sit on his bare cock. Ian slides up and down Abram’s pole while Abram jacks him off from the back. This is a very lusty pair. Eventually, Ian ends up on his back covered in cum! I’m sure Abram feels much better about being a BSB now!

Abram Hoffer And Ian Dempsey

The Spirit of Competition

Tyler White Fucks Ronan Kennedy Bareback

Tyler White Fucks Ronan Kennedy Bareback

It’s funny how competition can find it’s way into the BSB club. Tyler and Ronan are undecided as to who has the biggest dick. Ronan is pretty sure that he’s gotten a lock in that department but Tyler isn’t convinced. I’d say let my asshole decide but no one listens to me. Fine, fine, rulers out!

To get a proper measurement the boys need to get hard first; and what better way to do that than a blow job? Ronan starts off by putting Tyler’s growing cock in his mouth and taking it down to the base. “Oh shit”, Tyler moans as Ronan gets his competition’s dick nice and slick. Tyler returns the favor and gives Ronan a sloppy blow job.

Ronan turns around and sits right on Tyler’s dick. The dick goes right in with hardly any lube. That’s what we call the wonder of spit. Tyler uses Ronan ass like a fuck toy. His rock hard abs contract and he pounds Ronan’s hole. Ronan soon takes over and begins to ride Tyler; its his turn to play with a toy. He may think that his dick is bigger than Tyler’s but that doesn’t mean that it’s small. Nonetheless, he bounces up and down it for his own pleasure. Tyler puts Ronan on his knees and plows him deeply before putting him on his back. Ronan cums hard while get fucked. Tyler pull out and dumps a steamy load right onto Tyler’s abs. Folks may think that Ronan has the bigger dick but nothing is official until my mouth and ass have weighed in.

Tyler White Fucks Ronan Kennedy Raw

Drake Dominated

Cage Kafig Shows No Mercy On Drake Tyler's Hole

Cage Kafig Shows No Mercy On Drake Tyler’s Hole

Ok, wow. So we’ve got BSB’s best top with one of the best bottoms this site has ever seen?! This is one chemistry set that liable to set your computer on fire. Please note, that BSB takes no responsibility for any fried computing or mobile devices. You know you’re in for a good time when the top says he wants to “dominate” the bottom and the bottom is more than ok with it. Let’s see how this goes.

Drake all but rips Cage’s pants off in order to get to his cock. He inhales it, taking it all the way down to the base. Drake is not only one of the best bottom but he is also one of the best cocksuckers. The kids doesn’t mind sucking till his eyes water. He also allows Cage to fuck the back of his throat. Seriously, it cage could fit dick and balls into Drake’s mouth, he would have tried.

Eager for some grade A ass, Cage quickly lubes and straps up. Drake lays on the floors and props his ass into the air. Cage busts right into his ass, pounding hard from the beginning. He wasn’t lying when he said that he wanted to dominate Drake. He bends Drake of the bed and continues to fuck the shit out of the bubble butt stud. Cage knows Drake’s sweet hole can take a beating so he doesn’t hold back. Drake enjoys it, his moans fill the air with each of Cage’s thrusts. Drake finally gets to use Cage’s dick when he’s on top riding him. He busts his nut all over the bed as Cage continues to use his ass from below. Drake flips over and Cage immediately paints his ass with his cum. I know BSB doesn’t repeat pairings often but these two deserve a rematch.

Cage Kafig and Drake Tyler

Let’s Make Sex

Vadim Black And Drake Tyler

Vadim Black And Drake Tyler

Vadim is back and his arms are huge. This kid is stacking on the muscle and it looks great! He starting to look more and more like a dominant top, much to Drake’s (and my) pleasure.Drake may be a straight guy, but even he must be a little turned on by Vadim’s new guns. Let’s see how these two pair up.

Drake brings Vadim’s face close to his and begins to kiss him deeply. Vadim kisses him back before letting his lips fall all over Drake’s neck and chest. Vadim lays back and allows Drake to undress him and spoil his cock with his tongue and lips. Drake takes every inch slowly down his throat. Vadim moans in satisfaction; whispering “oh fuck” almost every time Drake goes down.Drake picks up the pace, and sucks that dick with true vigor before taking off his shorts and letting the Russian taste his pole. Vadim loudly slurps on Drake’s prick. Drake can’t believe that’s he’s getting just as good of a blowjob as he gave.

Drake gets on all fours and offers his ass to Vadim to taste. Vadim stuffs his tongue right into Drake’s hole. He tongue explores every ripple and wrinkle of Drake’s tight rectum. He gets it nice and slick so that he can stuff his big cock right inside. He pushes in and is instantly moaning, just as Drake is. Vadim delivers deep and long strokes. Good lord, I can only imagine how good those thrusts must feel to Drake. He gets louder and louder as Vadim pounds his tight booty raw. When it’s time, there’s cum everywhere. On Drake’s chest, balls, and his hole.

Vadim Black And Drake Tyler

Nico Moratti & Denis Ruso

Nico and Denis are a couple of ripped twinks who have snuck away from training to hook up in the toilets. The kiss and then start sucking each other’s erect cocks whilst feeling every inch of their hot young bodies. Watch their abs ripple as they fuck bareback. It’s a wonderful scene with a cum crescendo at the end!