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Angelo Antonio is the beefcake gym stud of your dreams

Angelo has the perfect body that you love. Beefy legs, bubble muscle butt, hard abs, suckable pecs, and round biceps. This man is too hot to handle. His deep voice beckons for more as he slides a finger inside his hole. Whether he is showering or shaving or talking dirty to the camera with his deep sexy voice, this man is always horny. He jerks his dick for us all over the couch. Then as he jerks himself off, he takes a finger and starts to fuck himself in his tight hole. Finally he unleashes a hot stream of cum out of his hard cock. Then he eats it all down. Be sure to check out the hot free gay porn pics of this bisexual muscle hunk here at Randy Blue.
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Eat Me Out

Come watch as these studs suck hard dicks, eat out tight assholes, and get pounded in their ass bareback.
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Pierce Clooney gets fucked for first time by Muscle Hunk, Caleb Strong

Pierce Clooney agreed to get fucked for the first time on camera by Caleb Strong. And I was ecstatic. There is nothing hotter than watching someone lose their virginity right in front of your eyes. Pierce wore a jock and lifted up his hairy ass to give to
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Uncut Cuties

The pupils at the Young Rascals have learnt a thing or two about how to manipulate their horny tutors. These filthy teens suck and fuck their way to better grades. What clever little bitches they are! Where innocence is corrupted and whores are made…This is Sweet Thing Young Twinks Slutty Delinquents.
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Let’s Get Totally Fucked

This is one very hot compilation of bareback sex scenes featuring 10 adorable gay Asian twinks. Those who enjoy watching slender smooth Asian boys naked and fucking raw, are going to want this collection in their library. Each scene features cute young guys stripping naked, sucking uncut cock, rimming smooth little butts and fucking bareback. Some of the boys get a little kinky, with fruit, while others enjoy a big dildo in the mix. Of course, there is plenty of warm cum pumping at the end of every ass pounding episode. Take a seat, click play and keep at least one hand free so you can join in on the action.
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Raw Lessons

Some lessons in life are harder than others
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All That Jizz

50+ Boys, 4 Orgies!Can you handle all that jizz?24 BelAmi Boys in the biggest condom-free orgy ever filmed!120 Cum shots culled from our best orgies.
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By George, I Think He’s Got It!

Antonio Drake tops Paul Canon

Antonio Drake tops Paul Canon

Antonio is back! Antonio is back! Sorry for bleeding excitement, but Antonio is back! Today he’s going to have his first experience fucking a guy. Paul Cannon is going to take one for the team and help get this kid’s feet warm. Remember, Antonio has only received a blow job, rim job, and given a hand job. Let’s get him up to speed.

The boys undress, unveiling two beefy bodies. Paul orders Antonio to “come sit next to Papa”. Antonio does as he’s told and sits next to him, allowing Paul to suck his cock. Paul immediately takes Antonio’s shaft all the way down his throat. That thick bat of his gets stiffer and stiffer as Paul plays with it. “How’s that? You think you’re ready?”, he asks Antonio. “I’ll give it a shot” Antonio replies as he slowly takes Paul’s head into his mouth. Antonio may be new at this but you can’t tell by the way he gives head. This kid works his mouth all the way down to the base before releasing it. “That’s a lot of cock”, he says as he wipes a tear away. Antonio alternates between working on Paul’s dick and licking his balls. He has his head game tight right out of the gate. Impressed by Antonio’s performance, Paul takes over and begin to suck his cock once more, making sure that dick is brick hard for what’s to come.

Paul helps Antonio lube and strap up before teaching him how to enter his boy pussy. Antonio is a quick study and is quickly inside. He starts off with some slow strokes, allowing himself and Paul to get used to it. He then unleashes, fucking Paul hard from the back like he’s done it a hundred times before. He tugs on Paul’s hair while continuing to batter his booty. Paul’s moans fill the air, indicating that his student is truly hitting the spot. Antonio gets Paul on his back and continues to ram his body into his. Paul sprays his abs and chest with cum while Antonio is still inside. Even though Paul has climaxed, Antonio continues to fuck him until he finally dumps a load of baby batter onto Paul’s stomach. Yeah, I think Antonio has gotten ahold of things.

Antonio Drake tops Paul Canon

Ricco Luna & Mario Luna

Ricco’s big dick is being devoured by Mario as this scene begins. His sweet lips wrap themselves around that thick meat as Ricco groans in pure pleasure. Then Ricco takes his turn to swallow Mario cock. Mario wants Ricco’s dick in his ass and Ricco fucks the lucky twink bareback in front of the mirror – slyly watching his gorgeous twink body in the reflection!

Newbie Delight

Antonio Drake And Justin Riggs

Antonio Drake And Justin Riggs

Oh the magic that can happen when two newbies are paired together. Today, we Justin Riggs and Antonio Drake, both of whom are brand new additions to the BSB family, are going to explore their outer limits. Antonio is a bit nervous because he has never been with a guy and frankly wasn’t expecting to do much today. He’s a bit thrown off by the thought of having to give Justin head. Sha talks Antonio into getting a blowjob and rimjob from Justin in exchange for a hand job. That sounds like a good deal to me!

The boys undress and compare their bodies. Antonio has a great full body while Justin is lean and toned. They flash their butts at the camera and I just can’t take my eyes off of Antonio’s ass, which has healed by the way. Justin rubs on it, making Antonio a little anxious so he steps away to regain his composure. After a brief break, Antonio returns to the set and sits by Justin who almost immediately goes for Antonio’s cock. Justin’s head game is much better than it was during his first appearance; so good that it puts a smile on Antonio’s face. Antonio gets his cock swallowed and his balls licked. Justin is able to take every inch of that dick to the back of his throat.

After getting his dick dripping wet with saliva, Antonio turns around and offers his ass for Justin to feast upon. Justin dives right in tongue first and begins to devour the hole. Sloppy slurping sounds fill the air as he tongues and sucks on it. He eats ass almost as well as I do. Damn! Are we sure he hasn’t done this before? Full on the bounty of booty that Antonio has to offer, Justin takes a time out to lick on Antonio’s manly feet. He lies back on the couch where Antonio straddles his face and reinserts his dick into his new friend’s mouth. He fucks Justin’s mouth deep while Justin plays with and fingers his ass. Justin’s mouth soon does the trick and Antonio fires a hot wad of cum that catches Justin’s nose.

Fulfilling his end of the bargain, Antonio takes Justin’s huge cock in his hand and begins to tug on it. Justin feels and kisses on his partner’s body while having his dick manhandled. Antonio gets a workout by jacking Justin’s dick hard and fast, making him spew cum all his arm and chest. That was one of the biggest loads I’ve seen in a long time. Please put these two back together, please!

Antonio Drake And Justin Riggs