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The tides have turned: Ryan’s Revenge

Ryan Fields Takes Tyler Whites Tight Ass To A New Level

Ryan Fields Takes Tyler Whites Tight Ass To A New Level

Remember when Tyler fucked the shit out of Ryan? Of course you do. Well its time for Ryan to get his revenge. Let’s see how Ryan (the lover) pummels this fighter’s booty.

The start, as they always do, with some steamy kissing, while they remove their clothes. Once on the bed Ryan begins to suck Tyler’s dick but to Tyler’s surprise he quickly makes his way down to his asshole and proceeds to lick on it. He alternates between Tyler’s ass and dick, giving both of them a good tasting. Tyler pays him back with a nice sloppy blowjob. He gets Ryan cock good and wet with saliva.

Ready to take his punishment, Tyler gets on all fours and Ryan pushes his boy beater right inside. In no time he begins to fuck Tyler’s brains out. Tyler’s bubble butt bounces right off of Ryan. Ryan puts him on his side and continues to tear that ass up raw, while showing us how flexible Tyler is. Once Tyler is on his back it doesn’t take him long to cum. Ryan soon follows suit with a nice milky load. Now Tyler looks like a creamy glazed donut!

Tyler tries to act like he doesn’t like to get fucked. I’m beginning to believe that this straight boy like the D!

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Twinklight The Movie is the first & only twink vampire saga! Meet some of the characters …

Twinklight The Movie is the first & only twink vampire saga! Meet some of the characters Elijah & Vampire 3 Vampire 2 Edmund & Billa Bailey & Vampire 1 Click Here To Watch the Movie! Watch behind the scenes footage, interviews, bloopers and additional epi

Scholastic Scandals

Scholastic Scandals
Lessons are learned and credits earned in this impressive collection of hardcore action. It’s a student’s dream come true as sexy young academics experience some intense lessons on cock lust, giving them the kind of educations that will certainly get them far in life. When a horny boy catches his friend jacking off in the gym it leads to a great blowjob and the promise of more. Boys in detention while away the time with some incredibly hot cock sharing fun and some loads splashed out. When a dick-loving twink is caught checking out another guys meat at the urinals he gets exactly what he wanted. A couple of randy and hung students learn exactly how to give and take dick to get the juices flowing. Finally, we end with a horny teacher determined to get what he wants by blackmailing his failing student, sucking his twink cock and plowing his ass in detention!

Conceiving babies

Ayden Troy Fucks Romeo James

Ayden Troy Fucks Romeo James

Look whose back! It’s Ayden Troy! He’s been gone for a while and has had a baby since we last saw him. Congratulations! Today he’s going to see if he can impregnate Romeo. Knowing this stud and the way he fucks, it just may be possible.

The fellas show off their hot bubble asses before kissing. Ayden quickly gets on his knees and starts to suck and feast on Romeo’s cock. For a straight boy, Ayden sure can take a lot of it. He swallows Romeo’s cock while gently holding onto his balls. Damn! I’ve missed him. Satisfied, Romeo sits Ayden down into the chair and takes his turn sucking. Like Ayden, Romeo is able to get almost all of it into his mouth. I forgot how big Ayden’s baby maker is. Romeo does good to make most of it disappear into his mouth.

The boys hop up and migrate over to the bed where Romeo lubes his sweet ass and waits obediently for Ayden. He doesn’t have to wait long; soon Ayden is deep inside of him and fucking him hard. Ayden’s body slams into Romeo’s over and over, making that slapping noise we all love. Romeo gets put on his sides and is plowed deeply. The boys deliver on hot session that ends with Romeo on his back covered with Ayden’s jizz.

I don’t think we’ll get a BSB baby but that shit was hot nonetheless.

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The Savior and the Pleaser

Blake Savage Screws Ian Dempsey

Blake Savage Screws Ian Dempsey

As soon as this video starts its clear that these two are ready for action. Both Ian Dempsey and Blake Savage have nice healthy bulges, protruding from their shorts. They start talking about what they’ve been up to but I can’t concentrate; those big juicy cocks have me dick-ma-tized and drooling.

The boys don’t keep me waiting for long; they drop those pesky shorts and dig into each other faces with some lip action. They gently play with each other’s dicks before Ian stands on the bed and invites Blake to suck his cock. Blake wraps his juicy lips around it and proceeds to stroke and suck. Blake lies back onto the bed and gets his cock sucked, played with, and deep throated. Ian completely swallows Blake’s large dick. So hot!

Blake gets lubed and strapped and Ian sits right onto his dick. Ian may be straight but he absolutely no problem riding cock. I don’t know many gay boys that know how to ride as well as Ian. His rock hard rod flops around as Blake fucks him form below. Ian get on all fours and gets battered from behind by Blake. Ian probably has the best ass on this site and I love watching him get fucked. And Blake does a damn good job of it, delivering nice deep strokes.

When it’s time for these two studs to cum they both release huge loads. Blake’s even hit Ian in the face. Damn!

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Ezra Finn

After a long hard sweaty bike ride, Ezra is ready to have some fun. This gay muscle hunk is the epitome of tall dark and handsome. He has gorgeous pecs and abs, and his whole body is perfectly proportioned. He has a thick juicy uncut cock and loves to play with his foreskin. To add a little spice to the scene, we gave this college jock a fleshjack to go to town on. He pumps his dick deep inside of it until he is ready to shoot. He finally flips over and cums all over himself. This boy is too hot to handle. Be sure to check out the free gay porn trailer here at Randy Blue.
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Walking in on a hawt guy

The lad was clearly having a boring night. Alone in the kitchen, away from his paramour, this chab thought this guy’d chat up some hot guy on the interwebs. Pretty soon this stud was willing to whip his thing out and let the dude on the other end see his ramrod! The twink’s aged lover spent some time watching the whole thing secretly and got the meanest tall tommy ever. Well, the guy had to make up for something which looked quite a bit like cheating! This dude got screwed by his aged lover right there and then – and check this out, the livecam was on the whole time!

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Undressed and willing to fuck

Pink sheets and a tan-skinned, toned in nature’s garb boy right in the middle of the bed, what is this if not happiness itself? You just want to throw yourself down there and begin fooling around with him. That’s exactly what his mature lover did! Soon the nasty tattooed twink had a finger up his boypussy – and then tongue! And then, naturally, that dude had a whole loaf of 10-Pounder beef in there. His large aged lover was pounding away at the guy’s taut magic gap till both witnessed some of the giant cumshots they ever shared together!

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A daddy str8 from his dream

There is quite literally no rest for the nasty! The boy has dozed off at his aged paramour’s place but this man looked just also cute to be left alone and asleep. The minute his sugar dad saw him, his juices got flowing and he had a full blown erection straight away. The boy need to have felt it somehow! He woke up immediately and got busy with mouthing the daddy’s chubby shaft. Chemistry was incredible between ‘em as they landed on that daybed and the older boy’s thick dong kinda discovered its way into the boy’s a-hole by itself. His boypussy got pounded from many angles till he had also much prostate massage not to cum like a fountain!

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Enchanting that tight twink

As soon as the door was closed behind them, the aged man was all over his newly found twink over. The thing he was craving for almost any was, naturally, the boy’s thick, heavy uncut love torpedo. Watch the man receive on his knees and get his own mouth not quite wrecked with this big fuck tool. The chemistry was beefy between the two for sure! In a short time the lad wasn’t able to take anymore. And that’s right when the mature stud’s slutty butt was ready to take some hard pounding. It completely did take a lot of it, too!

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