Gay Twinks & Their Dinks.

Ricco Luna & Rob Tadeus

Ricco and Rob are messing around in the bathrooms during their break. They start kissing but that’s merely a distraction – they want cock. And my what big cocks they have! Big cocks that go bare into tight twinky ass – such fun!

Oscar & Marcel

Oscar is a gorgeous young twink with a big dick stashed inside his white underpants. Marcel teases the cock out and pays it the attention such a fine piece of meat deserves – teasing it with his tongue, sucking it gently and swallowing it whole. Oscar takes his fine cock and bends Marcel over spreading his cheeks and pushing his dick deeper and deeper until Marcel is moaning with pleasure. They fuck in a variety of positions with the sun streaming in the empty windows to highlight their supple young frames. Oscar releases his cum load on Marcel’s face – a fitting end to a fine scene.

The Exhibition Match

Chandler Scott and Justin Riggs (ft. James Andrews)

Chandler Scott and Justin Riggs (ft. James Andrews)

Usually, I hate exhibition matches. I like it when there’s something on the line, something to be won or lost. But all that shit goes out the window when it comes to sex. Today the newbie, Chandler Scott is going to fuck Justin Riggs while James gets to watch and learn. This is going to be the best lesson he’s ever been a part of. Let’s see how how these guys performed while being watched.

The boys kiss, slowing and deeply. Justin hand creeps down Chandler’s pants and quickly unbuttons them. He rubs Chandler’s stiffening wood through his boxer briefs. He pulls it out, allowing him full access to suck Chandler’s veiny shaft. I don’t know how he does it but he takes all of Chandler’s cock down his throat. James better be taking notes. Once Justin has Chandler rock hard he pulls out his dick for Chandler to taste. Chandler’s mouth gets Justin’s wood nice and stiff. Justin bends over the bed and offers his ass as a meal to Chandler, who rims it until its clean and quivering.

As his saliva rolls down Justin’s inner thigh, Chandler lubes and straps up. Justin puts his air in the air and it’s soon filled with Chandler’s fat dick. Chandler pushes in deep sending Justin into a moaning fit. Chandler pounds Justin deep, making his ass jiggle and bounce. James looks on while Chandler uses Justin’s man pussy like a toy. This is one of the hardest fuckings I’ve seen in a while and we all know that Justin loves to be fucked hard. Chandler puts Justin on his back and continues to run his cock through Justin’s guts. Justin takes as much as he can until Justin’s blasts a hot load of cum from his cock. That doesn’t stop Chandler, he fucks until he’s ready to cum. When it’s all over, Justin is covered in man milk. That was a great lesson. I hope James took notes.

Chandler Scott and Justin Riggs (ft. James Andrews)

Zeno’s Return

Zeno Kostas and Owen Michaels

Zeno Kostas and Owen Michaels

Yes, Zeno is back and he looks a bit different. He’s lost some weight and has grown his hair out a bit. He’s also lost some baggage; his ex-girlfriend. He’ll get to let out some of that post break up stress on College Dude regular Owen Michaels. You know what they say, “fuck the pain away”. Let the healing begin.

Owen bends over the bed and Zeno slowly and methodically help him out of his briefs. He smacks and kiss all over Owens firm bubble butt. The scene has barely started and Owen’s ass is already red. Zeno undresses and shares a deep kiss with Owen. While embracing, the boys trade stiff smacks on each other’s asses. Owen quickly gets on his knees to worship and suck Zeno’s cock. He’s damn near deep throating the thing as Zeno plays with his pierced nipples. The retreat to the bed where Owen sits right on Zeno’s face in the 69 position. Zeno drives his tongue deep into Owen’s sweet hole. Man, I can’t help but drool and turn green with envy while watching Zeno feast.

Ready to get fucked, Owen slowly sits on Zeno’s cock. He moans loudly as he bounces up and down on the dick; with his own cock wagging freely before the camera. That a whole lot of may and muscle to have on top of you but Zeno handles it like a real man. Owen stands up on the bed and braces himself against the wall where Zeno prepares to resume fucking him. Within moments, Owen is moaning once more as his ass bounces off of Zeno. Wow! This guys ass could feed starving children everywhere. Back on the side of the bed, Zeno continues to fuck Owen he deposits a huge load inside of him. Zeno gets on his knees and is soon given a creamy facial by Owen.

Zeno Kostas and Owen Michaels

No Bullshit

Drake Tyler and Zander Floyd Raw

Drake Tyler and Zander Floyd Raw

Drake did such an excellent job topping that they’ve brought him back for an encore. He’s going to be running his cock through Zander Floyd’s bowels for all of us to enjoy. Let’s get right to it.

And get right to it is what the boys do. Zander quickly loses his clothes and offers his ass up to Drake who’s already rock hard. Drake pushes his cock right into Zander’s sweet boy hole. It must be tight because they both let out deep grunts. Zander, bent over the bed, looks directly into the camera, his face telling a story of pain and pleasure. Drake’s dick slides in and out of Zander’s hole, damn near pushing him completely off of the bed.

Eager to taste his own insides, Zander turns around and begins to suck Drake’s cock. Drake fingers his hole and Zander continues to deep throat his meaty dick. Soon, he has Zander bent over once more and is plowing through guts again. The boys transition into the missionary position where Drake grinds his hot body on Zander’s while making out with him. Drake spreads the boy’s legs and pushes his man bat back into his ass. Zander lets out steady moans as his booty is turned inside out. When all is said and done, there is cum everywhere; in Zander’s hair, on his face, the sheets, and the camera. Hot!

Drake Tyler and Zander Floyd Raw

Gotta Get Paid

Trevor Lastoer and Brady Bennett Raw

Trevor Laster and Brady Bennett Raw

Both Brady and

Latin Hunk, Randy Dixon gets his hot load swallowed

Randy Dixon is a hot latin hunk. He has a beautiful physique, hot olive skin, an innocent smile and a long hard cock. He loves to get it hard and stroke it. He also loves to bottom as much as top, and was eager to show off his ass. He lifted his butt into the air and stuck a finger inside. He got himself so worked up that had to cum. Be sure to check out the free gay porn trailer of the video and watch Randy Dixon feed his load to his upcoming scene partner, Brendan Phillips. Watch him cum in full HD video. It is too hot to handle.
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Atticus Fox and Brett Beckham bareback

Atticus Fox has a fuzzy chest and tattoos on his arm. He loves to dominate and take control. In comes Brett Beckham, a tatted up bottom who is waiting for an aggressive top to fill him full of come. They get naked and start making the best gayporn scene either have ever done before. They suck and rim and fuck until their hard shafts are throbbing with anticipation. They fuck doggie style and then Brett rides Atticus until he gets a load blown inside of him. Then Brett cums and Atticus laps it all up. Hot Hot Hot. Be sure to check out the free gay porn pics of all the hot bareback gay fucking here at Randy Blue.
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Clothed up man destroys older ass

Dear lord, look how fucking hawt that guy looks! The guy looked super sharp in his black costume and white shirt. He and his aged worshipper just came back from city where they had lunch. No wonder the mature partner was worked up and bothered like never before! Watch him get the guy’s mouth busy and return the favor by blowing the twink’s thick beefy dick. They started off with the older lover pounding the lad’s ass, but the fellow was really after having the twink’s fuck tool in his own aperture. In the end the 2 were hornier than holy hell, and the older guy’s gazoo got glamorous much ruined!

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What is it that men have a pleasure the almost any?

What is it that men enjoy the almost any? Playing games, of course! And what is it that the guys’ older lovers enjoy the majority? Playing games which involve using the boys’ tight holes, that’s for sure. See out this tall skinny twink enjoy a game on his phone when his older lover shows up. The boy looked so totally cute that the dude couldn’t hold his feeling back any longer. Some raw, juicy making out eventually led to the boy getting his hole fingered as his lips were sliding up and down his aged lover’s firm shaft. Then, it was injection time, and one as well as the other were so insane for it to happen, sweaty, naked, panting – and lascivious as hell.

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