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Sergio and Jake Tipton Flip

Sergio and Jake Tipton Flip

The day has finally arrived. Finally! Sergio is going to have his hole opened up by newcomer Jake Tipton. Oh and that’s not all. Jake is going to have his hole penetrated as well. I’ve been waiting for this too long so let’s get started.

The boys nervously kiss each other as they undress. Jake lies back onto the bed while Sergio blows him. Jake is a bossy little fuck and he tells Sergio just how he likes it and Sergio delivers. Jake’s cock gets rock hard and quick! Sergio head game is greatly underestimated, this boy has skills. Soon it’s Jake’s turn to show off his cock sucking abilities. Sergio sits back in the chair and lets Jake and his mouth go to work. Jake is able to get almost Sergio’s entire monster in his mouth, but that’s not enough. Sergio wants some ass.

He lays Jake onto his back and lubes him up. Sergio slowly squeezes his baby maker in Jake’s hot hole and Jake gasps in a mix of pleasure and pain. Jake is able to take it! I’m thoroughly impressed. Sergio takes Jake’s pleasure joyful moans as a green light to start stroking him deeper. Sergio puts Jake on all fours giving us a chance to see his juicy ass take a big sausage from the back. Sergio is such a fuck machine; I wish I were on the receiving end.

But before my fantasies can fully materialize Sergio finds himself on the receiving end of Jakes dick. Sergio is on his back as Jake penetrates his hole. Seeing Sergio’s muscular legs spread wide open with a cock in his ass for the first time has me ready to burst. Like Jake, Sergio is able to take it so Jake picks up the pace while getting in deep. More than satisfied by that warm tight hole, Jake pulls out and dumps a load of milky cum on Sergio’s abs, and dick. Sergio soon delivers up his own load. Hot!

Both boys admit that it hurt at first but that they got used to it. You know what that means! They’ll be back for more.

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The Dawn of Team Alpha



Kaden and his new buddy Tyler have joined forces and have dubbed themselves “Team Alpha”. They’ve been away for a little while but I’m glad they’re back in the saddle. Kaden has a new girl but still hasn’t told her what he does for extra cash. I hope she’s cool with what he’s about to do to Tyler’s ass. Let’ get to work.

These boys are all over each other from the jump! They kiss and aggressively undress one another. Kaden asserts his authority by kissing his way down to Tyler’s cock. This boy knows how to devour cock! He sucks Tyler with fervor; obviously hungry for the dick. Tyler is instantly moaning and groaning in pleasure. Kaden eventually slides those juicy lips off of Tyler’s dick and lies on the ground so that Tyler can take his turn. Tyler sucks and jacks Kaden’s fat dick. Kaden’s biggie grows rock hard; but Tyler continues to fit almost all of it into his mouth.

Tyler, done with his snack, bends over the bed and offers his hot hole to Kaden who eagerly accepts by forcing his meat inside. I can’t tell you how much Tyler’s ass makes me drool and watching Kaden’s fat dick glide in and out of it is enough to make me and my dick explode. Tyler repositions on his side and Kaden continues to deconstruct it, literally bullying his booty. Kaden licks all over his neck while scissor fucking him. Hot! The boys finish up by blasting intense loads all over Tyler’s abs, chest and face! That’s what I can an “Alpha Load”! If that’s how the fucking is going to be then I want to see more people join Team Alpha.

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Delivery boy acquires a tip

It was a precious job though not too easy. The dude got recently hired as a courier so he was in a constant rush all around town delivering stuff and taking packages. The package that guy took that very day, oh dear lord. Watch him come to that giant older hunk’s place with yet another parcel. As the 2 were dealing with paperwork, they felt they could be dealing with smth else entirely. They literally jumped onto each other and soon the twink’s mouth was busy with the boy’s giant meat. Both hearts were racing as the mature biggest fucked the boy into the wall in his apartment – almost literally!

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Breakfast in couch and greater quantity

The boy hasn’t been feeling well not long ago, and his older paramour was real worried. Of course this chab was taking great care of him! Check out how their typical morning went. The dude wasn’t even fully awake when the guy brought him breakfast – and plenty of loving, also. Well, literally! Way likewise enticed by this unclothed sleeping Adonis, the mature man just got busy sucking on the guy’s yummy meat – and he didn’t stop till that meat was hard and oozing for real action. Which started right away! The grandpa got his ass rammed by the lustful, grateful boy who of course felt better by then.

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New soldier caught jacking

Spending summer in that military summer camp sure was tough. The boy was walking around slutty literally 24/7! So many hot men around. At some point this chab ended up running away, whipping it out and just going at it. Well, the meanest officer in camp happened to walk by – maybe not even all by accident. Anyway, the man was likewise scared and did everything what the officer wanted. Apparently, the officer wanted his huge thick Rod sucked – and this chab also wanted to fuck the tight twink’s ass untill it was a sore mess! Watch the lad ride himself without torment and eat the officer’s load to the final drop.

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A daddy str8 from his fantasy

There is quite literally no rest for the naughty! The boy has dozed off at his older lover’s place but he looked just also cute to be left alone and asleep. The minute his sugar daddy saw him, his juices got flowing and he had a full blown erection str8 away. The lad have to have felt it somehow! He woke up immediately and got busy with mouthing the daddy’s plump shaft. Chemistry was incredible between them as they landed on that bed and the aged boy’s thick knob kinda found its way into the boy’s butt by itself. His boypussy got pounded from many angles untill this fellow had likewise much prostate massage not to cum like a fountain!

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Too clean not to fuck

Water was running down his divine curves, making him hot and juicy – literally! His aged lover get to have caught the nasty vibe, that’s why this man came to the bath and got busy giving delicious head to the boy not even letting him get dry. The grandpapa knew his technique working his tongue hard to turn that twink rod into a steel hard spike of love. Then it was time for something else! See him bend over and have his guts rearranged with the boy’s hard rod – which later glazed the aged man’s face. Look how happy this chab was!

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Elijah Alexandrov & Scotty Marx

Both of our newest gay porn models were ready to jump into some hard core action. And since we introduce every model with a solo, we decided to let these two jerk off together before they started to fuck. So here is a first of a two part sex romp that will blow your mind and your wad. Elijah Alexandrov and Scotty Marx are opposite in almost every way. Elijah is 6 foot 3, pale alabaster skin, long ginger hair, and straight. Scotty is 5 foot 7 with olive skin, short black hair and cannot get enough of the dick. They both got in their speedos and sat out in the sun. Of course, Elijah, being a fair ginger started to get red. Scotty warned him that he was burning. Elijah ran inside took off his shirt and began to butter himself up with Aloe. Scotty looked on and began to rub baby oil on himself. And thus begins the game. The two started watching each other get oilier and oilier. Elijah asked Scotty if he liked looking at him. Scotty coyly said, Maybe. Soon they each pulled their cocks out. And Elijah asked Scotty to finger fuck himself. Scotty laid back and plowed his hole with his finger. Finally Scotty came to the doorway as both of them started to get close. Elijah said he was going to cum. Scotty told him to get over to him. He wanted it all over his chest. Elijah busted a load all over Scotty and then Scotty soon followed with powerful squirts of hot jiz. Elijah then grabbed him and pulled him inside for a kiss. Stay tuned this for the second installment where Elijah fucks the living daylights out of Scotty and his tight hole.
Featuring: ; Scotty Marx , ; Elijah Alexandrov

Elijah Alexandrov & Scotty Marx Fuck

Sometimes you have to get the preliminary jerk off out of the way before you get down to business. And if not, well that is how we roll at Randy Blue. After cumming all over each other, Scotty and Elijah are finally ready to fuck. Elijah pulls Scotty close to him and they begin to make out. It is such a nice sight to see such a tall and muscular figure envelop the shorter Scotty. But you can tell Scotty likes to be manhandled, so he is digging this tall ginger pushing him around. Scotty sits Elijah down and starts sucking on his long pink shaft. Elijah is a straight boy from Russia who has never had a man suck his cock before. And from the raging hardness of his shaft, I think he likes it. In fact, he was ready for more. He lifted Scotty up, turned him around and fucked him doggy style right on the chair. Scotty moaned out as Elijah shoved every inch inside of him and pounded away. Then they moved to the couch where Scotty sucked Elijah off some more before laying back and getting fucked missionary. Scotty then rode Elijah and they finished off with a pile driver. Scotty came while being fucked and then let Elijah cum in his mouth. For a first time for being gay porn stars, these two fucking knocked it out of the park and made a fucking hot hardcore porn video. Be sure to check out the free gay porn trailer here at Randy Blue.
Featuring: ; Scotty Marx , ; Elijah Alexandrov

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